What Caroline Wore-- All American Girl.

 Oh my gosh, hello everyone!
Sorry I've been so MIA these last couple weeks.  I had some personal things going on where I couldn't focus on Legit all that much but if you've been keeping up with me you'll know that I've been very active with my Tumblr account, which is pretty much just pictures that inspire me and whatnot.  Anyways let me tell you a little bit about what I wore to school today!  Because of these stressful past couple weeks, I've been pretty much just wearing all my basic clothes.  Basics are much easier to mix and match than pieces that are very distinct, and they are just easy to wear.   If you couldn't already guess by the word itself, basic pieces are ones without much "fuss", they are are normal solid colored or a simple print like stripes and polka dots.  They do not have many embellishments and are super simple. On top of all of that they always look cute no matter what-- its spectacular! :)  Now onto my outfit: today, I wore just a simple crop top, a knee length black skirt, my oxfords, and carried around my book bag-- no accessories.  Its simple and sweet.  In addition, I realized as I was editing these pictures that my hair is still blue and my America pin is on my bag, which would make me look very patriotic today!


Crop Top- Kaitlyn's
Skirt- Brandy Melville
Oxfords- Target
Bag- H&M
Blue Hair Dye- KoolAid


What Caroline Wore: ▲ Hipster Friday ▲

Okay so this is what I wore.... it's Friday chic, hipster casual, mermaid spectacular. (Notice the blue hair... actually I don't think you can see it, I'll do a post later about it!) Here's my formula for the perfect "beginner" hipster look:
floral + crop top + a little lace/crochet + cute messy hair

Xo, Caroline


I'm inspired by... ((thesunshine))

 SO I guess I'm just really inspired by the sunshine today... it's so gorgeous despite how hot it is!  Like seriously, I'm going to miss this warm weather in a couple months when it gets freezing.  Stop complaining about the heat and start appreciating it-- it's only here for a little while longer!  Okay, that's all.  That's my inspirational moment for the day!

Xo, Caroline


fall trends are your friends :)

          First things first, ignore the lamest title known to man-- how else do you want me to get creative with this?  I tried!  Next up, the juicy stuff!  I know that in some parts of the world its still like at the time when it's like 102 degrees at 6:00 AM but for others, its probably starting to feel like fall and actually getting pretty cool. (You are so lucky if that's your situation, I'm dying of heat right now!)  And you know what cool, Fall weather means?!  Its time for you to find out and keep up with new trends, must-wear colors, shapes, etc!  Let me help you out by showing/telling you what's going to be in this fall!
          First of all you should know that bold colored pants are going to be really big this season.  I know, you thought that was over like 5 years ago... well guess again, they're back and can actually be pretty cute considering this our second time around with that trend-- we should know what to pair them with and what not to by now.  In addition to having colored pants be very prevalent this season, so will maxis.  This is one of the trends that is an overflow from the summer season, which I am totally okay with.  I love maxis and am guilty of owning about 13 now!  The two things that will be a little different this season are that (1) maxis with slits and uneven layers are going to be showing up everywhere and (2) pairing them with over-sized, and sometimes chunky, knit sweaters (think Fall 2010).  Not only are big sweaters going to be back and paired with maxis, we'll also be seeing them paired with any kind of gauzy, light material skirt-- they kind of balance each other out.
           Colors this season are going to be done totally different than ever before.  While shopping through stores looking for some new pieces for your wardrobe you should be keeping an eye out for jade greens (especially in dress form) and mustardy yellows.  Kind of eh-okay colors, but they're going to be big this season, especially paired with bright jewel-toned colors.  I'm telling you, it's really different this season!!  In addition to jade and mustard, you're gonna want to look into investing into some rust colored outerwear.  It's going to be very big this season, because once again (of course), to be paired with brights.  Its a whole new idea of taking none basic natural colors and mixing them with super hyped jewel tones.  I'm stoked!
            Patterns are right there along with colors this season-- different!  Of course lace is going to stick around another season because who doesn't love lace??  But this time around its going to be toned down a lot, and frankly, should be.  As it will still be out there, designers are going to be using touches of lace and not all over lace like they have in the recent pass, this is why I advice you to venture away from lacey cuteness and focus on rocking granny plaids. camo and polka dots!!  Okay, I know, going back to like the early 2000's, right?  But seriously, they're being done marvelously this Fall!  The camo trend is going to be the most "light" of the three.  It's going to be more of the idea of camo and not the actual literal use of it.  One the other hand, granny plaids are going to be huge.  And if you don't know what a granny plaid is, its a small styled plaid that you can imagine finding in your grandmother's closet.  This means no more buffalo check-- PRAISE THE LORD!  (I was never a fan of that one, that's for sure.)  The one that I think will be the most worn and used this season is going to be polka dot.  Not being a fan of it, I'm actually liking the use of it in current designs.  Its classy and I think shows character without being overstated.  And when I say polka dot I don't mean bright colored, clown inspired polka dot, I mean neutral colored, organized polka dots.
            There are some other trends that have been reported to fashion websites all over the web but they're not ones that I really see being majorly worn ones by youth (aka me and Katie).  You can find them by going to the link tab underneath the big "Legit Fashion" banner and click on any of those blogs/websites/shops.  Now... it's picture time!

Xo, Caroline