happy halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my lovely readers out there!  Please stay safe this evening while you're out there rockin' your most fashionable Halloween looks!  If I wasn't still sick, I would have been a bowler for tonights festivities but instead I'm stuck in bed (yet again) studying for my drawing quiz tomorrow!  Lame, I know!  But don't let me get you down, go out and have an amazing evening!  Dance and play until you can't no more!  

Stay safe and eat lots of candy! Xo

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the little things

 So as I was scrolling through the lovely pages of Tumblr this evening, I noticed some posts that I normally don't reblog (see photos above).  I noticed that I never reblog or even give photos about the little details of fashion pictures a second glance.  I'm not sure why though, but tonight I did give them that second glance.  Through this simple, silly action the idea of detail really hit me.  Like, when you look at an outfit you look at it as a whole first... then if you like it (or don't like it!) you break it down into detail and examine each little attribute.  It's so silly, but it made me think about the importance of the little things when it comes to what we wear... a simple cuffed jean, or the chunkiness of a sweater make all the difference.  Sorry if I'm sounding a little crazy tonight, but its important!!

Being crazy! Xo,

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stay hot on your feet


shoez by legitfashion featuring cap toe shoes

Hey, y'all!! Here are my picks for fall/winter must-have shoes!

1. ankle &/or mid-calf moccasins 
left ~ right
2. heeled sneakers
left ~ right
3. unique studded ankle boots
left ~ right
4. funky loafers
above ~ below

Have a terrific rest of your week and keep these four shoe trends in mind when you hit the shops!
Xo, Car

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wildflower, wildchild

Button Down- Civvies // Slip- Nordstrom // Shoes- N/A //  headband- DIY //  Purse- Coach // Sunnies- Urban Outfitters

Hey babes,
 As you all are probably aware of my now... I go to an art college and I absolutely love everything single thing about it.  I think though, that my favorite thing of all is the fact that I can wear whatever the heck I want and not be looked at funny or have people think, "Hey, isn't Caroline a little overdressed for class?" or "What in the world is she wearing?!"  I love it!  Yesterday, after being in school for practically two months, I decided that I would actually get fully dressed for class.  Obviously I get dressed everyday and I wear clothes (duh), but yesterday I decided that I would actually do my hair and make-up pretty-ly and create a new look from pieces in my closet.  And actually, I think it was the best day I've had in a couple weeks!  
So, like the point I made in a speech for my public speaking class today, what you wear has a lot of effects on your life so dress up!!  Get fab, go wild!

Wildly, xo

P.S. If you'd like a DIY on how to make my headband, click the "ADORE" button below this post!!

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**Photos by the lovely Victoria Strong.



I've loved Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen from the second I opened my first Ashley Olsen Barbie doll given to me on Christmas Eve 2001 from my best friend Zachary.  Ever since then, the sisters have grown up to be some of the biggest influences in my life other than my family and friends.  I was kid around the time they were kids; I was teen around the time they were teens (and so on!)  Not only do I love them for the incredible fashion sense and beauty, but because of their ambition, accomplishments and humility.  
In addition, I love the two because when they're photographed they never look perfectly perfect like every other celebrity out there.  They just look like normal women who happen to be in the spotlight and I absolutely adore that.  No airbrushed faces, no it-took-three-hours hairdos.  And I think in the midst of all their imperfection, they're the perfect role model for young, aspiring fashionistas like me.  Sure, they've had their problems and they've dealt with them but I mean, who doesn't?  They're not perfect and shouldn't be expected to be just because they're on the cover of magazines.  
And I also personally love that they've been famous since they were born but have managed to live one of the most incognito celebrity lifestyles ever.  I mean, I think they deserve so much more credit than they're given.

Sending lots of love to MKA and all my readers! Xo,

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My Outfit: Skirt- American Apparel, Blouse- Heavenly Couture, Cardigan- GAP, Boots- Nordstrom, Belt- thrifted.
Hi guys! So I have some exciting news... I'm making friends at college!  Yay!!!  Okay, so like that's not a really big deal since obviously it was inevitable that I would make friends but like its still exciting!  Randomly one night one of my roommates invited her friend over and he brought his friend and then we became friends when we realized he had matching clothes.  (Okay, not the same exact thing since he's a dude and I'm not!)  After this marvelous discovery, we decided that a twin day was necessary... and that happened to be yesterday!  Anyways, my new friend/candy stripe twin is named Jacob Wildfong (sick name right?!) and he's a pretty legit fashion photographer!  He's a SCAD student just like me, so its obvious that he's gonna be famous one day so check out his Flickr >>here<< to see what he's up to!

Stay classy. Xo,

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**Again, sorry for the horrible picture quality.  These were taken on my iPhone.  Still working on getting a new camera.


brb dying~

Literally had to pick my jaw off from the ground when I saw this dress while I was browsing online.  Literally this is the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid my eyes on.  Honestly, I'm having a moment right now... Black and White.  Beading.  The open back.  The most lovely pattern.  Seriously, can anyone spot me one grand for this beaut?!  Literally, I would consider selling a kidney for this.  
Okay, I'm over exaggerating a little bit... but really, its perfect.

Crying because this dress is so pretty. Xo,

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wild hearted blues

Blogging from bed with a cup of tea and lot of bottles of vitamins and cold medicine, I'm just posting a little bit of what I want my fall fashion to look like this year.  Since I've been sick, I haven't been able to take many fashion pictures so hopefully this will make up for it!  
This fall I really want my style to scream effortless simplicity rock, but still look really put together, girly and thoughtful.  Its complicated, but I'm sure it makes sense.  I'm really into a lot of neutral colors (especially black, like always) with a pop of color here and there (mainly pastels, neons and some jeweled tones).  Also, a lot of blue.  Normally I'm not a blue person, but I've been really into it lately.  Always gotta try something new!
What style are you trying to grasp onto for this season! Let me know in the comments below!

Sending lots of love from under the covers! Xo

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