so this morning i spent my time sleeping in, reading poetry, cooking a nice breakfast, sipping coffee with a dash on cinnamon, listening to music and writing down my thoughts.  as i sit here on pinterest, again on the search for more inspiration, i'm listening to my favorite playlist ·old men music· and thought i would tell you all my favorite songs right now.  first from this playlist then a few other i'm currently dancing around my kitchen to.

Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins and Sam Messina
Night Moves by Sam Morrison and Turn the Page
Sweet Thing by Van Morrison
Run-Around by Blues Traveler
Where Are You Now by Mumford and Sons
Honest Song by Noah Gundersen
We Were Us by Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert
{also, kind of embarrassing but i cannot stop listening to the frozen soundtrack... its just way too catchy!}



so lately i have been mad crazy about finding inspiration, being inspiring, surrounding my things by inspiring people and things, finding inspiration in others and on and on and on.  i have really been trying to focus on being a positive light in peoples light and this has really helped me live a more positive lifestyle.  i have found that inspiration, at least for me, is one of the most super important things in life.  whether its being inspired in the sense of finding beauty in the simplest things or the wise words of the people of this world, being inspired constantly is something i believe everyone should strive to live like.  i thought that i would share some quotes every once in a while that really hit home with me, so i want you to be inspired by them too.  

here are three quotes that i've been inspired by lately, to find more inspiring quotes you can follow my words pinterest board here!

"you don't always need a plan.  sometimes you just need to breathe.  trust.  let go.  and see what happens." - unknown, source

"every morning we get a chance to be different.  a change to change.  a chance to be better.  your past is your past.  leave it there.  get on with the future part." - nicole williams, source

go out and be inspired by everything.  inspiration is key to igniting so many things within yourself.  what's inspiring you??? let me know in comments below!

x, c



its been more than a few weeks since thanksgiving but i wanted to show y'all what i wore! recently i've been completely obsessed with wearing a lot of white if you couldn't tell from this outfit!  even though it was really warm on thanksgiving i threw on a little fur vest to make it feel a little more fall-ish.  also, by adding some black booties i was able to make the look a little more season appropriate!

also i might add that i was home for thanksgiving so it was a delightful 75º in LA!  and i can guarantee to you that i was no complaining because i am currently freezing in savannah right now!!

my look: vest - civvies // tank - bershka // skirt - bershka // boots - american eagle // bangle - paris street vendor

*photograph by my sister, rachel artime photography*



i love starting out my days reading poetry or other blogs to fill my heart and mind with inspiration (yes, more inspiration) and joy.  this morning my class was cancelled so i was able to enjoy some coffee and finish my poetry book up, clean my entire house, work on some laundry and spend sometime reading.  one of my favorite online (and print) reads is darling magazine.  since i am a poor college student i can't always afford getting my hands on a print copy so i more than gladly settle for their online articles.  today i wanted to share with you all (if there are any of you out there reading this!) some articles and books that i highly recommend reading to make ya think and go on the rest of your day with a new perspective.  the following links go to articles that i believe all women (and men) should be reading at the moment!  for book suggestions, i only have one today and that is new and selected poems: volume two by mary oliver.  enjoy!!

The Power of Affirmation via Darling Magazine
When Smallness is a Gift via Darling Magazine
How Does Your Closet Make You Feel? via The Chic Site
Mary Oliver quotes via Good Reads

photo source here



snips from finals week.  me and my friends all had to design, create and photograph our own garments.
the top photo is my design being photographed by my dear friend Tori; the second photo is of us getting ready to photograph Jojo's design; the third photo is of my feet and Victoria working on her dress; the final photo is of Emily working on her design in the studio.

I will post pictures of my designs soon!



california has all {practically all} of my favorite things: sunshine, mountains, beach, real mexican food, my sister, downtown, beautiful flowers and so much more.  if you aren't from california, take it from someone who moved away.... its definitely the best place, i don't regret my decision to leave, but it does make me sad that i'm not there right now!!

anyways, this is a photo journal of my trip home for break.  i was in los angeles for six weeks and these are so pieces of my stay at home.

in order from top to bottom:
my sister & the 3rd street promenade at santa monica beach
my great aunts old book that i use to press all the flowers i collect of my hikes {the yellow ones smell the best}
my last shot of downtown on my way to the airport, i always regret not spending more time getting lost in the downtown area
a beautiful rock on a drive i took up to the mountains
view from the ski lift at mammoth mountain, barely any snow
street art found downtown
pier in ventura
i visited my sister at school in santa barbara, we went to the beach
la super rica {best mexican food} in santa barbara
my lovely little windowsill

i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving/christmas/new year!
xo car



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so one my dearest friends from back home, Austin, and i decided that since we were just about the only people home from school/life for the break (everyone got home weeks later) we would go on an adventure then to an evening church service at mosaic hollywood {if you're from the area and looking for a good, hip church then i would recommend; i'd go again!}.  our day started with lunch then adventuring began!  we went to the observatory where we saw a patch of trees amongst the city and decided to see what it was.... and our result?  this super cool museum!  it was a great day with a great pal!

my look: sweater - bp nordstrom // pants - bp nordstrom // boots - american eagle // purse - kate spade



sasha has always been my absolute favorite model, since i'm not sure when but i'm obsessed.  i love back stories and i think hers is absolutely wonderful.  i think out of all of the models in the fashion industry she is the most unique and authentic.  from her personal life, to her art, to her modeling sasha doesn't stress perfection and embraces things how they are which i think is a pretty perfect way to look at things.  watch this video presented by free people and be inspired by sasha like i am!

also, i'm back in savannah.   winter quarter just started and its twenty-eight degrees today... basically, this little californian girl is cuddled up in bed trying to stay as warm as possible and trying not to think about how much she misses the eighty degree weather she experienced at home in LA.   anyways, i have a bunch of things i have to put up on the blog: winter break activities, my final project from last quarter and a bunch more.  i'm excited about this!

love you all! stay warm!!!!!

xx Car