Camazing Summer Accessory Line ((SNEAK PEEK!))

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop in a day or two from now so you can buy these little gems!  I'm really excited about these, and I hope you are as well!  
Xo, Caroline

((PS fashion pics will be coming soon.  Busy summer so far, no time!!))


I'm inspired by... ((flowers))

   When I think 70's the first thing that pops into my head is bell-bottoms jeans and flowers.  Today, I'm feeling very inspired by flowers.  And what could be better to show that I'm being inspired by them than to post super cool pictures that have to do with the time era that was hardcore into flowers!  You'll see how I took my inspiration and used it to create some new little accessories I hope to be putting up on my Esty shop later tonight or tomorrow.  I hope you'll like them and gained some inspiration today! :)
        Xo, Caroline

Happy Friday!

Day in the Life: Jerseylicious

           So we're going to try this new thing where we have set things we're going to post regularly.  For example, this will be the first of many "Day in the Life" posts about the both us of.  We spend a lot of time together, and we always end up doing the most random, idiotic things that anyone can come up with so we thought it'd be a laugh to share them will all of you!!  Like we've mentioned many times before, we're shameless so feel free to judge us... These posts are going to have nothing to do with anything most likely, and absolutely will not be relevant to fashion.  We feel like this will be a way that you'll be able to get to know us more without actually knowing us!  How exciting is that?!  
          Let me explain whats going on here... Today we had a photo shoot, but after it was all done we watched the show Jerseylicious for a good three hours and were very inspired by their wonderful makeup.  We completed our "looks" with sparkly dresses, hooker heals, puppies, and of course, more sparkles!  This is obviously the most fashionable post you'll ever find here on Legit Fashion!  Hope you are having as much reading this as we did getting dresses up!  Its summer, there's nothing better to do anyways...
Xo, Legit

P.S. you might meet our alter egos along the way, as well: Bacon & Dinky and Pixi & BamBam. 


I'm inspired by... ((summertime!!))

So thankful is summer!  Totally loving the 90 degree weather at 11 p.m., the ability to sleep in till 9 a.m., and my newly acquired license!  Summer means more time for tanning, more time for shopping, more time for friends, more time for everything!  Live up summer 2011! We for sure will be!
Xo, Caroline

((P.S. I found these pictures online and they are really inspiring my summer fashion... What's inspiring you this week?))


What Caroline Wore-- First Day of Summer!!

Top- Vintage
Bandeau- Calvin Klein
Belt- Free People
Shorts- Forever 21
Boots- Marshalls 


Summer Hair Revolution!

Ugh! I am so tired of everything having the same old sleek hair with the stupid french braid in the front.  Okay, its adorable I admit, but come on!  Let's get creative people!  There are so many more braids out there and so many more things that we are able to do with the gorgeous hair we were all given!  There are so many things from ponies to knots to extravagant braids to buns to head wraps to so much more!  This summer, if you're having a blah kind of day, so what?  Jazz your one day old hair with a braid.  1) dirty hair works better for braid, 2)  it hides all the yucky-ness!! It's like the perfect way to hide the fact that you weren't too excited about getting up that morning.  And I am for sure not implying that you should only wear braids on your bad hair days, you should wear one any day!! So whose with me this summer!?  I believe it's time for a hair revolution!  *I'll post more about this later, and maybe I'll post some of my trail and errors as the summer season progresses!)  
Xo, Caroline

P.S. on a side note to all the locals, good luck to all of those who have finals this week and congrats to all the graduates! You will be missed! xoxo


Tourist Attraction.

Last Saturday I was more than fortunate to be able to style a photoshoot for my sister's photography business.  (Yes, she's younger than me and is much, much more successful than me... let's just say theres a little jealousy there!) The photoshoot was beyond anything she's done before.  We drove up to one of the spots in Hollywood where you can see the Hollywood sign and lets just say.. we weren't the only ones there.  The place was swarming with tourists, which totally added to the fun of the whole thing.  The two girls that Rachel was shooting are named Juno and Sophie.... They are AMAZING models!!  They are so natural infront of the camera and they pulled off the clothes fantastically!  (I'm also quite jealous of both of their hairs... one word: gorgeous!) Because of the location I decided on two different themes for clothing.  The first one was more vintage, because I wanted to play on the idea of old Hollywood and modernize it a little.  While shopping at Pattyes Closet last week Rach and I found this amazing knee length beaded lace dress which I chopped off to make a mini that I paired with some leather sandals to make the look complete.  The other style I was going for was more of the hippy-chic tourist-like look.  It involved turbins (how-to coming soon!), long white 70s flare jeans, and pops of red all over the place.  Take a look at what I did.... I'm so pleased on how it all came together and I hope you love it as much as I do!!
Xo, Caroline

You can see the rest of this shoot by clicking here (Rachel Artime Photography).  Trust me, you will fall in love, and I'm not just saying that because she's my little sister.



Pattyes Closet

If you don't know the joy of thrift shopping, you are truely missing out on a huge part of cheap, fashionable clothing.  Normally, I like to venture aways away to get some good thrifting in (like Burbank or Ventura), but there happens to be one little gem of a thrift store, or should I say vintage second-hand store, in a town, called Montrose, around where both Katie and I live.  The store is called Pattyes Closet, which I assume is owned by a lady named Renee because its the name that was on one of the many business cards the ladies threw at me when I told them I wanted to blog about them.  (It's so much fun sometimes!)  The two ladies working in the store were so nice and helpful.  When we first walked in you could see that they were a  little concerned about me and my sister, two teenage girls, walking into the store looking intensively for a good find.  Eventually when they realized we were harmless they started small talk and recommended a few pieces to us (carpet pants..... gorgeous... I wish they had fit!  Stupid hips!)  We explained how we were pretty much like the dream sister duo, Rachel being a photographer and me being a fashion guru, and we kept trying on lots of interesting things.  We pulled things like an adorable red, white, and blue polk dot maxi dress (didn't buy because of armpit stains... they're always a turn off), a black and white 50s polka dot dress, a sheer lace sequenced dress, and a lot more.  There were all sorts of trinkets all over the store; lots of hats and scarves.  There was so much to look at, I wish we could have stayed earlier and I plan on going back either this weekend or next weekend to take more pictures to post here.  My hands down favorite thing about the store was their selection of jewelry.  Their abundance of rings, necklaces, broaches, bracletes, earring was unbelievable.  I will never ever, ever look anywhere else for jewelry again.  I had a moment, to say the least.  I highly recommend checking out this store if you're a fellow LA resisdent. Bring anywhere between $20 and $100.  Prices are not that expensive, but because of the quality of their items you're going to want to buy a lot.  TRUST ME!  Rachel and I walked out of the store with two silk scarves, one snake ring, a 80's floral prom dress, and the lacey dress I mentioned earlier.  I'm not going to say anymore.  Check out some pictures from our Thursday sister-date picture below!
Xo, Caroline