oh Urbz

 Hey babes!  So I'm totally in love with the Urban Outfitters Spring lookbook right now!  If you couldn't already tell from my last post... I am super stoked for Springtime and need it asap!  I'm really loving the vibe of UO's line this season and will totally be investing in a few trendier pieces to put a Spring 2013 spin on my Spring basics.  Definitely think Urbs is a great place to buy great quality trendy seasonal pieces!  

Because I'm loving the lookbook so much and boring you all with my adoration for it... I have a treat for you!  Enter the promo code LUCKY20 at check out and when you spend $100 or more you'll receive $20 off (or possibly more if the luck of the Irish is with you!)  Also... Don't forget to check out the super cool Saint Patty's stuff they've got too!  Since I now live in the city with the biggest Saint Patrick's Day celebration in the country I'm a little bias for the holiday now! 

Click the banner below for this super sick deal!

45115_Go Green! The St. Patty's Day Shop is now open at UO_468x60


thinking about spring

So I am like super excited for Spring.  Though it is very obvious that my favorite season is Summer, I have to admit that Spring is a close runner up.  Here's a few reasons why..... 
#1 my birthday!! #2 everything good seems to happen in Spring #3 I'm always the most inspired during these months #4 Things are concluding but its okay because Summer is right about the corner.  
Basically, Spring just makes me so happy.  I love the weather and just the way that everyone suddenly seems a little happier and more spontaneous!
One thing I know for sure that I love Spring for is that I get to change up my style a bit.  I definitely like to take advantage of the whole "Spring Cleaning" fad that everyone gets really into and clean out my closet of things and styles I've worn enough of.  I always find my Fall/Winter style to be a little more edgy and simple so I love when Spring rolls around because this is the time when my true colors shine through.  Don't get me wrong, I love the whole simplistic, black head-to-toe look--its basically my signature for half the year--but for some reason the Spring and Summer just bring out the inner bohemian beach princess in me.
Especially for Spring this year I'm going to try to portray my bohemian styled self with a girly ethereal twist.  I'm totally loving the whole spinny dress and boots look.... unique head pieces.... lots of jewelry.... and unexpected lace/crochet.  Bright colors.  Flowers in my hair. 

If you didn't get what I'm trying to say here.... I'm really excited for Spring!

Xo, Car



Button Down- Vintage (Civvie's// Shorts- vintage + DIY (Lucky Brand) // TightsUrban Outfitters // ShoesTarget // BackpackVera Bradley

So we all know the classic school girl outfit right?  Tights/stockings, laced up shoes, plaid shirt, collars shirt and book bag?  Well I decided to play with the idea a little bit for class the other day and this is what I did: plaid button down, denim cutoffs, tights, oxfords and a classic draw string backpack.  
What do you guys think?  Let me know in the comment section below!

Xo, Car


february tunes

Ever wonder what I'm listening to while I'm in class or walking through town or working on a painting for my color theory course?  (Probably no one is wondering this....)  BUT if you were wondering, this is what I've been listening to lately!  Each month I'll post what I'm listening to!  If you have a Spotify account feel free to subscribe to any of my playlists, but I will be specifically making playlist for this blog each month!  **Beware, I listen to a weird array of music**

Happy listening!
Xo, Car


introducing modocat.com!

Hey loves!  I have some very exciting news for you!  I've recently become a partner with Modocat, a suuuuper cute online clothing store that I can't feel anymore in love with!  Their website divides clothes into different fashion capitals of the world.... Los Angeles (THATS ME!), New York, Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo.  Basically there's something for everyone!  So how does being a partner with this lovely site affect you?  Let me tell you!  So basically if you enter the code LEGITFASHION into the promo code box when you check out you can get up to 60% off your purchase!  Crazy right? 

So check it out, with the discount code LEGITFASHION you can get these shoes for a great price!

from left to right $48 -- $58.60 -- $46.97 -- $46.80 -- $43.20

Seriously guys!  I couldn't be anymore excited for this!  Each month I'll post once or twice with new "clothes crushes" from partnering websites including Modocat!! 

~And don't forget... You're life's a catwalk~

Xo, Car

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liebster award!

Hey Y'all!  So normall I don't do these kind of things but I thought I would this once!  Its a super cute idea so I just want to spread the blogger love!  The lovely Kate from Shoes, Sushi and Spare Change nominated me for the award so now I will be able to nominate a few of my favorite and new-and-up-coming bloggers!

11 facts about me!
1 My favorite colors are yellow, white and black
2 I am currently obsessed with British Pop
3 I have three piercing (all on my ears)
4 My favorite places in the world (for far) are Los Angeles, CA; Madrid, Spain; Yosemite, CA; and Laguna Beach, CA
5 My fashion icons are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Miley Cyrus (pre haircut)
6 I am obsessed with all the quotes people post on tumblr
7 I keep a journal of thoughts and quotes I hear
8 Soy Cappuccinos.  Enough said.
9 Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons
10 I absolutely love traveling, especially in Europe
11 I have best friends in over 6 different countries

Kate's questions
Why is style important to you?
In reality, people do judge a book by its cover so what you wear and how you wear really says a lot about you.  
Who is your biggest style inspiration?
The Olsen Twins and Miley Cyrus!  I love their easy bohemian styles, but they're also really edgy and fashion forward at the same time.
And your biggest role model?
Probably my parents or the Olsen twins.
Would you rather wear the same pair of shoes for one whole year or the same dress?
Oh definitely shoes.  I've never really been into shoes as much as I have been into clothing itself.  Don't get me wrong, I go crazy over shoes, but I swear to you I would wear my Rainbow sandals everyday if I could! 
How do you like to keep fit?
Lately I've been trying to keep up with doing yoga.  On the very rare occasion I'l go to the gym.  But when I'm at home I normally like to hike or go on runs through my neighborhood. Otherwise, I just try to have a healthy diet!
Fave food?
Name one bad habit that you could never give up.
I love sleeping in.  I wish it didn't waste so much of the day... I love mornings, I just hate waking up!
If you could only read one fashion magazine for the rest of your life, what would it be?
NYLON! I love how edgy it is and I love their articles.  Plus its not a bunch of ads!
Which do you get most excited about: Summer or Winter fashion?
Definitely summer!  I'm all about less is more.... I hate wearing tons of layers!
What was the last shade of nail polish that you wore?
Right now I'm wearing a copper color I got from Forever 21 because it was $0.45!!  I actually really like their polishes!
Why did you decide to start blogging?
It was actually kind of a joke me and my best friend at the time had!  We thought we were really cool! ;)

my questions for you...
What kind of blog are you?
Describe your style in three words.
Who is your celeb crush?
What is your dream designer handbag?
What's your guilty pleasure?
Favorite midnight snack?
Why did you start your blog?
Who inspires you style?
What's your favorite article of clothes in your closet?
Righty or Lefty?
What's your must-read blog?

I nominate...

Hope you all have a great week!
xo, Car

p.s. the cute triangle image was downloaded from DESIGNLOVEFEST


meet calvin

SweaterCalvin Klein // DressNordstrom // TightsNordstrom // Shoes- American Eagle // Bag- vintage DKNY

So meet my favorite sweater.  His name is Calvin.  I found him at a thrift store back in LA for $8!  Yeah, that's right!  A brand stinkin' new Calvin Klein sweater at a thrift from in a random thrift store in my part of the city!  Okay, okay... its a couple sizes too big for me but literally I love it.  It keeps me so warm and cozy on cooler days and is pretty much the best thing to lounge around in.  Probably my best thrift store find!

Xo, Car


savvy saturdays

 Bonjour my loves!  This weekend was quite lovely.  
Despite some of the drama that happens (that's life... duh!) its always possible to find a little peace and positivity!  While walking through downtown with my best friend here in Savannah, I embraced my inner wander and adventured through the squares and boutiques/art galleries of Savannah with my venti soy cappuccino in hand.  
Of course, I found the most perfect pair of shoes at this lovely little boutique Terra Cotta where I also fell in love with the shop.  Literally dying, it was sooo cute!  (I even applied to work there... that's how perfect I found it to be!)
A perfect day also needs a good book (my current read for my english class, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde), a wallet with a Starbucks gift card in it and a disposable camera (and mine just happens to have cats on it!!)

Let me know how your weekend went in the comments below!

XO, Car


cliché art school student

Chambre Button DownNordstrom // TankBershka // PantsUrban Outfitters // Shoes- Nordstrom

 ~Feelin' pretty Kanye today~
~Rocking a cliché art school outfit~

XO, Car