2 hip 2 handle

 Blouse- Pull & Bear // SkirtForever 21 // Jacket- Pull & Bear // Shoes- American Eagle // Bag- Kate Spade


tired eyes

Button Down- Urban Outfitters // Maxi- Free People // Sandals- Rainbows

 Its the last week of the quarter and that means that it's finals week.  I'm exhausted and I feel like I've gotten so much sleep compared to some of the people here... I don't even know how they're surviving right now.  Anyways, these are a couple pictures of what I wore today for my speech final.  Its a morning class so I went super casual with a maxi and tee-- basically my go-to look if I don't want to get out of bed in the AM.  
Sorry for the weird photo quality, I don't know what's up with that... I took these with a nice camera.  Anyways, here goes nothing! Week 10/10... Go Caroline!!!

Trying to stay away... Xo,

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Halloween is such a love/hate holiday for me.  I hate it because it's stupid... like why is it a holiday?  I don't understand... but I love it because its like an opportunity to dress up like whatever you want!  I love it.  Above are some pics from Halloween.  Obviously, I rocked a fox head at one point during Halloweek because I was "foxy".  Then in the second picture you see me and my roommate Victoria dressed up as the "SCAD bowling team" on actual Halloween! There isn't really a SCAD bowling team, but we found these super rad bowling shirts at a local thrift store that totally look like they should've been for a SCAD team.... We definitely are the cutest roommates ever!

Thankful the holiday is over though! XO,

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get trendy!

fall trends- tops

fall trends- outerwear

fall trends- pants

fall trends- bags

fall trends- dresses

fall trends- dresses by legitfashion featuring a metallic dress

So guys-- Temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing colors so you know what that means.... its Fall!!!  Since I'm from Los Angeles, I've never really experienced a real Fall so being in Savannah right now is like the strangest thing ever!  I mean, its not completely cold here, but there has definitely been a change in the air.  I'm kind of in love with it!  Except for the fact that I did not pack for this weather.....Above are some of my favorite things that I'm adding to my closet this season!

Jumpers are super in right now.  Especially ones with overal motifs (like skulls, hearts, stars, bows, etc.) and big prints like a cat face!  Also, anything with studded shoulders or collars is big!  Studded collars are great for layering with sweaters... its so cute when your collar pops out over the top of a pull over!  Denim button downs continue to be in as well as anything in Oxblood.  Denim button downs can be worn by themselves or unbuttoned with a tee or dress underneath.  Oxblood looks great with denim or just some black pants.  It is definitely the "it" color this year!

Oversized denim is a must have this season.  Its just so comfy and cute that its perfect for any daytime outing from shopping with your besties to a hot lunch date!  Faux fur is also really trendy right now.  I mean who doesn't look fierce in a cheetah print coat?!  No one.... if you have the guts I'd get one of these bad boys stat!  Finally, parkas are a must have for this fall.  They are definitely great if you're trying to fight off some nasty weather and need to layer up.

Screen printed leggings are definitely really big right now.  It doesn't matter if they're the cliché galaxy ones or these super cute sunset pair... they're big right now.  Paired with a nice oversized white tee and denim jacket... you couldn't look anymore trendy!  On top of that, leather skinnys/leggings are a must have right now.  These guys can be a little pricey, but I recommend investing in a good pair because they are definitely timeless.  They're super great because you can easily take them from day to night with just some simple tweaks in accessories.  Finally, last but not least, once again... OXBLOOD!  Seriously, this color is huge.  In addition to wearing it in your tops, oxblood pants are really popular at the moment.

We all know the "it" bag this season is the Céline luggage tote bag (or anything along the same style).  So hot!!  Also....Large shopper totes as well as your average joe canvas totes are really in right now!  Finally, for evening, super embellished clutches are really in right now and I'm especially going crazy over this one from River Island!  Seriously-- to. die. for.

Let's be real... we're seeing it everywhere!  Baroque is like the "it" print this season (just like oxblood is the "it" color!)  For style-wise, skater dresses as well as shift dresses are what-to-wear right now.  They're casual but really classy... and I mean, if you're like me then you're really happy!

I hope that this little tidbit inspired you/helped you/enlightened you about stayin' trendy this Fall!!  Comment below and let me know what you're favorite trend is right now!

Falling into fall... xo,

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