Spring Trends 1/3

Spring is here!  And for that reason, I've decided that I am going to do a three post set about trends for Spring 2012.  This here, obviously, is the first of the three posts I will be doing.  The picture above features three trends that are going to be big this season. 

#1 If bustiers aren't already popular enough right now, they're going to get even more popular as the season progresses!  Now, you're probably thinking aren't those pretty trashy, Caroline? Well, honestly, yes, sometimes they can be very trashy, but this season, the style of bustiers that are going to be in are ones that are more like tanks.  But don't get them confused with tanks because they are very, very different.  I like to think of bustiers as "shells" because well, like turtles, they kinda keep everything in!  They're super edgy and current, I am definitely loving this trend! 
Dos: Pair with hi-waisted shorts, skirts, or layer under over-sized tees, tanks and dresses
Don'ts: DO NOT pair with any low cut shorts or pants,even if you're body is runway model status, you'll just look trashy.  Also, do not wear one that lets everything loose, cover up a little bit and leave the guys guessing!
#2 Tangerine orange is pretty much the new black this Spring! This bright bold color is making a huge splash one runways and in stores everywhere.  I am personally loving this color trend because I for one love to stand out in a crowd when it comes to what I'm wearing.  Tangerine is such a happy color that is definitely a transition trend that will go on into summer.  You might think that tangerine isn't a flattering color because its so bold and might now look good on a lot of skin tones, but trust me, a tangy orange like this is one of those colors that can even make paper look sun-kissed!

Dos: Pair tangerine with light washed denim or floral
Don'ts: DO NOT mix tangerine (or any orange for that matter) with a harsh black!  You do not want to be walking around looking like a giant jack-o-lantern!
#3 Floral has been in for a long time now for almost every season, so this Spring is no exception!  This Spring, though, instead of mini-print floral, a rather big and bold print is what's going to keep you looking fresh and up-to-date!  They're not much I can say about floral, because it's pretty self explanatory for Spring.  I mean, what scream "ITS SPRING!!" more than a couple hundred colorful flowers splash all over your latest dress, pant or blouse??

Dos: Pair bold floral with a cute denim capri or shorts, or if you're choosing a floral dress, go for leather wedges and a simple/classic bag.
Don'ts: DO NOT pair with other prints (unless of course you know how to mix prints properly, I'll do a post about that later)
I hope this was all helpful!  I'll be posting Spring Trends 2/3 soon!  Stay tuned!

Xo, Caroline


my weakness

 We all have a weakness.  For some its chocolate, or those dazzling silver sparkle pumps we walk by every single time we stumble into the mall.  Well, mine just happens to me Nasty Gal.  Awkward name?  Yes.  Amazing online store?  YES!!  I can honestly say that I would give up my entire trip to Europe to buy everything and anything I wanted from their site.  Thankfully, I have enough self control to only shop there occasionally, but seriously, I think you get the point.  This store is exactly my style... retro/vintage/hippy-chic/everything-you-want-it-to-be-and-more!!  Although nothing jaw dropping gorgeous is cheaper maybe $60, it is definitely worth every single penny.  Always great quality and right on the mark when it comes to being trendy.  If I was able to I would work for this company in a second!  So, take a second and check out their site... get Nasty!

Xo, Caroline!

**find a link to the site on the SHOP LOVE page**


stars and strips

 Shopping is an art.  Yes, you can just stop by your local mall and pick up the cutest outfit ever, but to find something no one else will have, go far away!  I think I will do a post about my shopping tips soon, but here's one:  To find something no one else is going to have, that will sure to be a big hit, drive an hour or so out of your local area and shop in the little boutiques and local stores there. (FYI: sometimes, popular stores get different items depending on their area!)  I guarantee that no one will have whatever you buy!  For example, I always drive far away to beach communities to buy a lot of my casual, school clothes.  I'm not sure why, but I always find clothes that fit my style best by the beach.  The sweater featured above I got near Santa Monica, CA, and I am absolutely in love with how unique and out there it is!  God.  Bless.  America.  

Xo, Caroline

Jeans- J. Crew
Shoes- Steve Madden

p.s. sorry for the blurry pictures, this was a poor attempt at a self-shoot!


beauty queen of only 18

I'm legal, baby!!! Yes, that's right!  Today is my 18th birthday!  I can't write much because its my birthday and I'm about to go partaaay, but here's what I wore to breakfast and Santa Monica!  Thought you'd like to know!

Xo, Caroline

Blouse- Vintage
Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Socks- H&M
Shoes- Steve Madden
Sunnies- Urban Outfitters
Rings- Forever 21/Brandy Melville


Cinderella at the ball

 Saturday I was princess for a day.  Well, I was princess along with 24 other girls in this mother-daughter charity organization I'm in.  We waited for this moment since we were 12 years old, and last Saturday night, it finally happened.  Of course, fashion played a big role in the whole experience.  I mean, what makes a deb, a deb?  (A deb is a debutante if you were wondering!!)  The white dress of course!  Obviously the white dress I am wearing above is the one I wore.  I purchased the dress at David's Bridal, but sewed on my own beading work around the waistband and hemmed the bottom a teeny-tiny bit.  I found this gorgeous tiara, headband thing at the Fashion District in Downtown LA, which, I think was the perfect finishing touch!  In the second photograph you can see what Katie wore, sorta.  I absolutely loved Katie's dress.  Not sure where she bought it, it was a blush pink dress.  The waistband fell at the natural waist and it had one sleeve which was very airy.  It was simply perfect!  And of course, she paired it with some fierce Litas... I mean would expect anything less?
Because the ball ended around 1am, Katie and I, along with three of our friends, spent the night at the venue and went to brunch the next morning.  The third photo above is what we all wore.  If you have any question about where we got any piece of clothing from, just comment below and I'd be more than glad to let you know!

Xo, Caroline


summer on my mind

It's March, not July.  Why?  I have no idea, I just think the calendar/seasons have just decided to torture all of us.  Here is wonderful Southern California, one day it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the next its pouring rain and 60.  Because I am in such a desperate need of summer, I found some pictures that make me want it to be summertime even more.  I am definitely loving the American Flag towel (which I'm looking into buying for a summer accessory/must have) and the bathing suit/cover up in the photo on the top right.  I think its just so gorgeous and happy yet mysterious and sexy.  Wah, I need summer.  Is anyone else out there having this issue?

Xo, Caroline

P.S. sorry for not posting for a week, I just had my debutante ball which I might post pictures of but I'm not sure.  I want to show you all my dress!! 


UK love

I love America, don't let me not mislead you, but words cannot describe how much I love our oversees friends.  I love them not only for their culture, music and languages, but mainly for their fashions.  I may be wrong because I have yet traveled to any European country, but I have this inkling that everyone over there always looks good.  I dream about walking through London or Paris or Milan and everyone looks drop dead gorgeous because unlike America, they don't produce clothing that is boring or not fashionable.  One of my favorite activities is stumbling through some of my fellow blogger's blog from the UK.  They're clothing are so cute, and while reading one blog (pardon me, I forget which one) I found a link to this boutique (Sugarhill Boutique) and seriously guys, I instantly fell in love.  Everything online was to die for and I'd probably drop a couple hundred dollars if I had the funds to!  I really, really like the dress in the middle.. It is so chic and cute and I absolutely need it in my wardrobe!  

To shop Sugarhill Boutique, click here!

Xo, Caroline

floral jeans.. oh my!

So after the crazy amount of responses I received on my Facebook post about loving floral jeans, here's the post I promised you all!  Printed jeans have been brought back many times before, but I have a strong feeling that they're really going to make it big this Spring.  Right now the only ones I've been liking are the ones from Paige Denim.  They're so subtle, yet they have such a wow-factor!  While searching the site, I also found a pair of galaxy print jeans that I literally started drooling over!  Seriously, guys, this is ~legit~ ...printed denim is going to be BIG this year!  You really don't want to miss out on this trend because, like, well... it's pretty fabulous!

But a helpful hint: try to find a pair that suites you.  Especially ones that are different from everyone else's because if everyone was walking around with the same pair of Paige Denims on, well, that wouldn't be very fashion forward... would it?

Seriously, check out these pictures from Paige's recent ad campaign!  Three words:

Xo, Caroline


tweet tweet?

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Xo, Legit

3 looks i love

So the other day I was talking to my mom about something (I can't remember what) and she said "well let's face it, you're pretty much a hippy... or at least you dress like one!"  Now, this coming from my mother (who's miss contemporary and wears black and white modern prints with pink and orange or yellow and green), was like stop-the-earth-from-turning worthy!  Finally, she has come to terms about my style!  (Can I get a hallelujah?!)  Because this lovely memory just popped back into my head, I decided I'd show you three looks that I've been drooling over this week.  All are definitively my style and I am loving them!  
Xo, Caroline

**all pictures courtesy of tumblr**

lita lust

I don't know about you all, but I am absolutely in love with Jeffery Campbell-- all his work.  Everything he has made as taken my breath away, especially his Litas.  I think these could quite possibly be one of the most beautiful shoes ever created.  They are so fashion forward yet so classic looking.  What do you think about Litas?  Are you on the same boat as me or you a total hater? 



just a cute little cat to brighten up your day & a quote for good luck: "if someone tells you you're not beautiful, turn around and walk away so they can have a great view of your fabulous ass." Miley Cyrus.
I'll try to post a fashion post tonight or tomorrow, I've been sick and away in the mountains so I don't have anything prepared for the blog.
Love you all very much!
Xo, Legit



When its too warm to bundle up in your winter gear but way too cold to wear shorts, tights are the perfect compromise.  And why not wear tights that totally make a statement?!  These are my favourite pair of tights because A, they're cheetah print and B, they aren't what you'd expect.  They are totally a subtle way to make a statement when paired with hi-waisted shorts and an oversized cardi.  So why not go for it? Wear the cheetah print tights.. make them do the double-take!

Tights- Betsy Johnson
Shoes- Steve Madden
Cardi- J.J. Basic
Scarf- Madewell

Black & White

Happy Leap Day everyone! We hope that you made the most of your extra day!  Hopefully you did something daring, took a risk, or wore something you normally wouldn't even imagine wearing.  We are so happy to be back and running and we will keep you posted on what will be happening to Legit Fashion in the future!
Xo, Legit

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