bigger the better

Hey peeps!  So, as you know from a lot of my personal style posts I am a huge enthusiast for ginormous glasses!  If I was ruler of the fashion world, my motto for glasses would be "the bigger the BETTER!"  Seriously guys, I cannot get over how classic and Parisian-esque round/giant sunnies are!  

I would definitely pair any of the sunnies above with any of my outfits... anyday!!

Are you a fan of bigger and bloder glasses or do you like another style?  Let me know in the comments below!

Love ya! Xo, Car


¡¡spring 2013 colors!!


 Hey my lovely readers!  Spring is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to grab some new fab pieces to wear this next season!  As you all know (or don't know and now you do) I am currently going to the Savannah College of Art and Design for Fashion Marketing and Management, but since it is my first year I am enrolled in basic art classes... on that note, right now I am taking a color theory course where we learn all about color, one of the most important things of fashion!! (So cool right?  I'm loving it, its only been three weeks and I feel like I now know so much!)  Anyways, my professor was lecturing the other day about Pantone and she pulled up this awesome sight that had the color forecasts for this Spring!  SO!! I thought I would share my new-found knowledge with you!

These next couple of months be on the look out for the colors next to the images above (not the ones in the header, they're not exact!)  The following colors you should look for are: Poppy Red, Nectarine Orange, Monaco Blue, Tender Shoots Green, African Violet, Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade Green, Lemon Zest Yellow, Emerald Green and Linen!

Of course, these are the Spring colors according to Pantone... but I'm pretty sure everywhere else you look they will be pretty similar!  Here's is a link to the Pantone color report PDF file!

TGIF! Happy weekend babes!
XO, Car

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breakfast in bed

So, if you're like me and being all super grown up and have to wake up for 8AM classes every other day or have a full time job you have to go to or just like to be up early before the sun begins to shine in the morning, I have a scrumptious little breakfast treat thats quick and easy that you'll absolutely love!  Since I am currently living on campus, I have a meal plan... but after so many bagel breakfast sandwiches from our in-dorm coffee shop and being too lazy to wake up early and take the trek to the dining hall, I have discovered my little way to make the most of my resources!
With every bagel I "purchase" from the coffee shop I get the option of three sides: chips, yogurts, fresh fruit or cookies.  To stay healthy, I steer clear of the chips n' cookies, but always (and I mean always) grab multiple yogurts and bananas!  Yeah... if you're catching my drift: FREE YOGURT AND BANANAS!  (Not really, but sort of.)
Literally my fridge is filled with yogurt, so I decided I'd get a little fancy and start making my own breakfasts.  And this is what I came up with!  (Oh and roasted coconut and oats granola is a must!)

I always drink with a cup of green tea!

This is the perfect treat to enjoy while sitting in the bed and catching up on all my daily fashion blog reads!

Calorie Count:

1 blueberry Activia yogurt - 110 calories
1/3 cup KIND oats & honey clusters w/ toasted coconut granola - 130 calories
1/3 banana - 35 calories
 GRAND TOTAL: 275 calories

and this guy keeps you full till linner! (lunch/dinner)

Bon Appetite!
Happy Friday everyone!!

Lots of love,


back in sav town

Sweater- Free People // Sunnies- Zara // Hat- Nasty Gal

Oh my goodness, hello!  Seriously, life has been happening lately.  I've been super busy with school starting up again... Once I get back into the swing of things with new classes and all that jazz, I'm really going to try to put a lot of attention towards Legit Fashion LifeStyled! Like I haven't said that a million and one times.... but this time I'm being serious!  I even got my own fancy camera for Christmas!!  (I'm think about sharing what I got for Christmas even though it'll be like a month late... What do you think?)

Sending you lots of love from Georgia,