spring trends 3/3

Finally, the third spring trends post.  I'm super busy but I know I need to post something, so I'm going to make it quick.  Peter Pan collars are big this season and I'm predicting that they will stay big into the summer/fall 2012 seasons.  Purchasing one of these bad boys will definitely be an investment piece.  I would recommend something simple like ones pictured above because you can always add pops of color with a cardigan, jacket, purse, shoes, and jewelry.  

I also hope that the formatting on these pictures is okay.  The program that I use to combine my pictures into one big image was deleted so they're all separate.  Please let me know if they are not all on one line or just look funky.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday/Wednesday depending where you are in the world!  Love you all!

Xo, Caroline


Spring Break

I know, I know! I keep going in and out of being a good blogger, but you gotta cut me some slack!  I'm in my last quarter of my senior year of high school and I've got a lot on my plate.  Thankfully last week it was Spring Break, so I got to take a break from everything and that includes blogging.  But since my Spring Break is over, I'm baaaack!  Here's a quick instagram post about my week! 

What did you do for your spring break??

Xo, Caroline


spring trends 2/3

Oh my goodness, sorry for the horrible quality! I am so embarrassed! I can't fix it!!
 This post is pretty self explanatory.  I found this amazing collage on Crossroad Trading Company's website and I instantly thought I'd share it with you and it fits perfectly about what I've been writing about!  So, spring trends 2/3 it is and its for women and men! I really think they've got the spring trends spot on!  What do you think?  What's your favourite piece above?? Let us know in the comment box below!

Xo, Caroline