the bare necessities -- summer 2013

LA summer essentials

LA summer essentials by legitfashion featuring vanessa mooney necklace

Hey babes,
Since summer is literally around the corner or is already here for some people, I thought I would share with you my top picks for this summer.  The above items I already have/will be purchasing this summer so I will be able to give you accurate thought about the pieces!

This summer I'm really going to try to redefine and refine my style so that means some very cool posts will be coming to you this summer!  If my life wasn't already changing enough I thought I would just change my style a bit while I was at it!

I think I have finally decided that this blog is my transitional fashion sense as I go throughout college and beyond!

•• Whats What ••
Tank -- Rag & Bone
Skirt -- Top Shop (I have in gray right now... highly recommend!  I'm going back to get a couple more when I get back to LA!)
Sunnies -- Amazon
Sandals -- American Apparel
Polish -- Essie
Tote -- Zara
Necklace -- Vanessa Mooney
Bangle -- Alex & Ani

FYI I'll probably remind MIA until this quarter is over... I'm literally drowning in work and stress and activities but I'll fill you in on what I've been up to as soon as I can! :)

Lots of love,


shoe obsessed

••Hey babes•• 
So lately I've been really obsessed with shoes... and you are all probably like "well Caroline, duh every girl is obsessed with shoes!"  Okay well I just would like to let everyone know that for many, many years I was the girl who just did not care about shoes!  Crazy.... craaaazy!!  I would go in and out of phases of loving a pair of shoes that I would wear with everything, but now I have officially decided that I just have a plain ol' love for shoes of all kinds.  I would wear a different pair of shoes with every different oufit if I had the money in my pocket.... I think my favorite styles right now are kitten heals, beaded/embellished heels or sandals and just woven sandals.  

What shoes are you loving for Spring/Summer?  Comment below!

Also.... lately I've been obsessed with Pinterest 

xoxo, Caroline