¡¡¡alexander wang!!!

so this is a really horrible quality photograph and i'm really small in the back with Jojo on my back but i am in the official scad group photo with alexander freaking wang!!!!! if this doesn't up my cool factor, i don't know what will!!


always a wishlist // never a shopping list

1 // Zara
2 // Zara
4 // Zara 
5 // Zara
7 // Asos 

click through to read about my pathetic confession about my need to go shopping.... (i'm rolling my eyes too)


its always flowers

If you know me well enough... or even just follow me on any social media, you will know that I am obsessed with flowers.  I always have been but it wasn't until recently that I have full fledge embraced my obsession as I'm trying to embracing the real Caroline this Spring.  (Try it, its really great to just be you and not anything else.)

Everywhere I go in Savannah I always find myself picking flowers and tucking them away in my notebooks.  I think every journal or book I have that I take with me is filled with flowers from my daily adventures.  While I love collecting flowers along with words and thoughts, I do love to take photographs of these little things as well.  Its so important to capture every days' moments and things that are important to you.  At this point in my life some of the most important things in my life are friends, food and flowers!