when i was recently back in LA i took my mom on a spontaneous adventure to {almost} mexico to check something off my bucket list-- visit salvation mountain.  i had seen pictures of the art installation all over the internet, in ads and on other blogs so i wanted to see it for myself.  a week with absolutely no plans was the perfect opportunity!

a brief background on the mountain: artist leonard knight has been creating this mountain for years in niland, california with hay, plaster and donated paint.  a pilgrimage for some and a sight of fascination for others, the mountain draws thousands of people a year to the absolute middle of nowhere, california.  knight who recently passed away has left the mountain to the desert.

though what my mother considers "too hippy-ish", this piece of art is something i find completely amazing.  so grand in size, color and concept it is truly inspiring and was such a great adventure.  check out some pictures from my visit below!!


me me me

**warning this post is just some self promotion, but a little of that every once in a while ain't a bad thing!!**

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¡¡¡alexander wang!!!

so this is a really horrible quality photograph and i'm really small in the back with Jojo on my back but i am in the official scad group photo with alexander freaking wang!!!!! if this doesn't up my cool factor, i don't know what will!!