Ever since I can remember, these two girls have been my fashion idols.  From the age of ten, I've always striven to dress, act, and even have the same hair cut of either Mary-Kate or Ashley (mostly Ashley). They've always had exquisite taste and some how have been able to be two of the leading fashion icons while living a low-key life.  Plus, they're gorgeous.  
Xo, Caroline

The Royal Wedding!

So, I am assuming that the majority of the people of the world watched Prince William married common girl, Kate Middleton, this morning in West Minister Abby.  Honestly, it is one of the most beautifully decorated cathedrals I've ever seen and did anyone notice it's the shape of a cross? One word about that: legit.  (Crosses are very trendy... wonder if they were thinking about that when they were planning the whole shindig?)  Another thing that I could not get over were the hats!  To be real, the actual clothing that the guests wore were not that amazing.  Sure, they were probably world renounced designers and are worth quite a bit of money (much more than we'd every be able to afford) but they were sure no comparison to the hats that each outfit accompanied.  The one that I liked the most was Beatrice's.  She was TOTALLY pulling a Gaga, as if it weren't any more obvious with the make-up and the (what I like to call lobster claw) bow.  Long story short: the hats were the highlights of the wedding for me... Oh and I'm sorta kind in love with Kate's dress.

Kate Middleton is compared to Grace Kelly


It's only Monday...

So, I came across this picture today while avoiding history homework in my Hello Kitty pajamas and of course the instant I read it, I related it to fashion.  (Can you say obsessed?) And from a fashion prospective this is what I think about it:  everyone has their own style. Other people will copy you and feed off of your taste but no one can have the exact same vibe you portray while rockin' your own style.  This is because fashion isn't only about what you wear, it's how you wear it.  I hope you're catching my drift here. Just a thought for a stressful Monday. 
Xo, Caroline


Oh boy, oh boy

As girls, its hard for us to understand the guys, too, pay as much attention to their appearances as we do.  We've heard stories about guys who plan their outfits for the next day every night before going to sleep so they can perfect their "swagger" and stories about guys who bring multiple outfit choices to school just in case they're not feeling the one they initially chose.  We aren't throwing these guys under the bus, we actually admire them.  They're some of the few who have actually admitted that they really, sincerely care about what and who they wear.  
 If its not anymore obvious with the bipolar weather and the flower buds on the trees, Springs arrived!  For all of us fashionistas, that means florals and skirts and lots and lots of flirty apparel.  But gladly, this is not the case for all those fashionistos out there.  Looking through magazines, researching Spring trends, shopping around stores and physically seeing guys around town we've come to a conclusion of what we think is fashion forward for all those chicos out there is season.  
First off, everything retro is in.  Especially for guys.  The old school, classic, and quite suave guy is what the fashion world and frankly the rest of the world is drawn towards right now.  Because it's spring time, a lot of vibrant colors are being used in a lot of men's fashion.  They can be found in sweaters with coordinating collared shirts underneath and casual button-downs.  Another trend that we're seeing for both males and females is the idea of "Americana."  Basically that means washed out prints and colors; lots of red, whites, and blues; and very classic, bohemian looks.  Our model, Ben, can be found below wearing swim trunks purchased in Spain that exemplifies the Americana look perfectly.  We're actually in love with this pair of swim trousers and encourage guys all over America, as well as any other country, to try this look out.  It's super hot.  Okay, next trend!  The next trend we've noticed is Native American inspired colors and prints.  The poncho is a great way for guys to rock this trend, especially paired with bright colors that we mentioned above.  Again, it brings us back to the idea of vintage, old school America with a twist.  What could be better? Oh yeah, we know.  Leather jackets.  We know, we know.... It's Spring time!!  But who says that a guy can't rock a leather jacket on one of the colder days this season?  We thinks its a great transition piece and can be very slimming if the right one is found.  Plus, they're kind of sexy..... ;)  So, moving on from that note, the next thing we're loving for guys this season is the idea of pastels mixed with the camel color.  Pastels are such a cliche for Springtime, so thats why we decided to pair them with the camel color to change things up.  It adds a lot of color and is unique because most guys wouldn't think to pair the two together.  Jeans? Pshh... not when you have camel.  LAST BUT NOT LEAST: shoes!!! Until recently, we were oblivious to the obsession that guys have with shoes.  It's actually pretty bad, some guys can have up to like five different pairs of the same shoes in different colors!  The trends for guys tennies this season are denim.  Why not where denim on your feet when you can? Also, we're seeing the use of boating shoes A LOT, especially Sperry's.  Great for guys and girls, we're digging them for Spring (and will continue to into the Summertime).  
We hope that this helped all you guys out and was a somewhat interesting read for all you girls out there.  
Xo, Legit 

P.S. Don't forget to do a little Spring Cleaning to your closet and purge/store all the clothes that are out of season or that you haven't worn in the last three months or that you are not planning to in the next three.  


We still love you!

There is no 143 anymore.  We have decided to simplify things and just drop it!  
Sorry if this causes any problems for anyone, but we're undergoing a huge blog clean-up sesh
....if you haven't noticed!
Happy Saturday!
Xo, Legit

Romantically Different

Okay, so ignore the awkward title.  This post has nothing to do with anything romantic other than clothes.  Just in case you were wondering what we wear out on the town here's your answer! Even though we don't necessarily own the clothes below, this is an idea of what we wear when we're out shopping, sight-seeing, adventuring, etc.  Caroline rocks a more of a romantic, boho look while Katie rocks a more romantic, put together look.  Similar but different in so many ways.  Which style are you?  Are you a Katie or a Caroline?  Okay, there isn't much more we can say here... the pictures kind of speak for themselves. 
Xo, Legit

P.S. All of these looks can be found at www.forever21.com and are all pieces are less than $30.00! What a great deal!  Or should we say.... what a legit deal!

You don't have to be 21

If we were to ask you what your favorite stores to shop at lately, most of you would probably answer Forever 21 as one of your top five stores and we totally know why.  Forever 21 is a great store for keeping up with the latest trends without going completely broke.  Even though its sometimes a hit-or-miss kind of store, lately they've been really good about keeping up with whats in and adding their own twist on it.  Its also a great place to get..... knock offs.  Yes, we said it, knock offs.  Although their not that creative about designing their own clothes, we, as shopaholics are in love with the concept of buying the high end look for only $19.99.  Here are a couple looks that we're liking from Forever 21, totally hip.  And just so you know, all the looks blow are following this seasons trends: tribal prints, florals, colorful brights, maxi skirts and dresses, baggy easy-going tops, and lots of neutrals.  


Our Favorite Make-up

Because we're pretty much the same people, we use almost the same makeup.  We're all about natural look, not only because the whole less-is-more thing is what's in right now, its because it makes you look clean, fresh, and ten times more beautiful than you would be wear neon sparkley leopard print make up (which we totally love when we're having fun!).  Simplicity is exquisite!  Xo, Legit
BEAUTY TIP:  Remember, you can use any eyeshadow as an eyeliner with a wet thin tipped angled brush. 

Flawless Definition Mascara by bareMinerals $18.00

Mac Eyeshadow Foursome (create your own set on www.maccometics.com) $49.00

Original SPF Foundation by bareMinerals $25.00

Mineral Veil by bareMinerals $19.00

NatureLuxe Gloss Balm by CoverGirl $6.48 at Walmart