Well, after much thought and internal debating I have decided that I am changing the blog name back to Legit Fashion.  I'm not complete sure how I feel about it, but I do know that LIFEstyled was not what I wanted after all.  So for right now the name will be Legit Fashion once again.

I only have five more weeks of school until summer and this summer I am definitely going to try to put a lot of focus onto my blog as it could eventually be beneficial for me in my career path.  So hang in there with me.... It'll be worth wild!

In the meantime I'll be randomly posting some inspirational pictures for all you lovely readers!

Lots of love,

**ps this art is not by me, but soon i will be including my own artwork into the blog! i found this lovely image via tumblr**



I'm sure anyone who is reading this knows I'm horrible at keeping up with posting on the reg~~  I am so busy/too tired right now with all this school stuff but days like today I'm to find a little bit of time to chill out and do what I really love which is this!  So I thought I would share with you some snipits of what I've been up to!  I might do another post about my spring break and some pics that didn't get instafied... I'll think about it!  Spring break seems so long ago though.... 

Anyways, here we go.  Row-by-row, left-to-right.
a. me standing on an outlet on a Angeles Crest Highway during Spring Break
b. a little bit of my outfit + to-die-for-yummy blueberry mint lemonade from Lemonade seconds before my plane took off from LA to Savannah
c. I finally got to go to TOPSHOP at the Grove!!  I got to pick out a few things for my birthday! (Post coming soon!)
d. lavender seltzer + a ginormous eiffel tower sugar cookie from the Paris Market in Savannah
e. my collection (and now phone screensaver) of all the guys on my "hot guys" list
f. cappuccino + horchata latte after church on Easter Sunday
g. my looking glam on the beach on my birthday *I love the sun*
h. I discovered a hiking recreational area by my house during spring break and I fell in love with this cactus garden I passed everyday on my walk to the trail
i. me and one of my bestest friends Zosha at the beach for my birthday
j. me sitting on our spare bed in my dorm wearing a crown because well, I'm a princess. we're all princesses *new theme in my life fyi*
k. my feetsies + my pool enjoying being home for spring break
l. some flowers I found and pressed from my hikes during spring break

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Xo, Car


artsy fartsy inspiration

While enjoying some delicious sushi and strawberry-watermelon juice for lunch today, I was reading the Free People blog BLDG 25 (as always) and I clicked on a post about an artist who hand-painted festival chairs for their online festival shop.  Her name is Meera Lee Patel, and I'm obsessed with her work as of right now!  They posted some art by her work along with her chairs and o-m-g, its perfection.  So whimsical and happy.  When I actually have money I think I'm going to buy a print of hers from her >>Esty shop<< for my apartment!

What do y'all think of her work?!  
Also, check out her website >>here<<

Xx, Car

**fyi, the triangle background + name are not part of her work**


we got the world - styling by *me*

Hey y'all SORRY LIKE ALWAYS that I'm always MIA but I've been beyond busy with school and traveling and everything in between~  I just started my third quarter of school and finally got into my fashion classes so I've barely had anytime to do anything... like eat... or sleep... or breathe!  But before all this craziness, I took a week off, flew home and enjoyed a perfectly perfect spring break!  While at home, my sister and her friends decided they wanted to film a music video... so fun right?  Well that's it up above and guess what... I styled a couple outfits in it!  If you want I can see if my sister and do a photo shoot to show some of the looks!  Let me know in the comments below!

I'll try to keep bloggin, but I'm hella busy!  I'll do my best~

Xo, Car

We Got the World by Icona Pop
Film by Rachel Artime
Models Taylor and Marina.

Check out the link above for my sister's photography and you can see more pics of Tay and Marina!