park tunes

the past two days in savannah have been absolutely, outstandingly beautiful.  its been 80° and humidity free, which for me as a californian is dream weather.  like there are a few things better than a warm day, especially spent with friends, a frisbee and a rockin' playlist!  after our classes, jojo, emily, ethan and i headed to forsyth park to hang out with the rest of the city!

emily's tank // free people
my cap // jcrew 

to get in the mood for spring time, listen to these classic park-day tunes!  


birthday wishings

so my 20th birthday is practically one month away which is super cool but also very scary because it means i will be saying goodbye to the beloved teen years and will no longer be able to become a famous teenager.  unless i earn some sort of stardom in the next five weeks, i will never get to have that title.  on the other hand, hopefully this means people will take me super seriously because i will no longer be a teenager but a "real adult" since i will officially be dropping the "teen" aspect of my life.  either way, it'll be my birthday and i have a few things i've been eyeing.  surprisingly enough when i was putting together this post i found it very difficult to decide what i actually wanted.  ultimately i would just love money for traveling but since that's a little too far fetched for my loved ones' caroline-birthday-gift-funds, i've put together a few things that i find super delightful!  

{mom, i hope you see this!!}



during this most recent fall quarter i took my first fashion design class and i absolutely love-love-loved every moment of it... i'm now officially minoring in fashion design thanks to this course!

for our final project we had to be inspired by an abstract piece of art and create a full avant garde garment based off of it.  i chose to be inspired by a piece by cy twombly (unfortunately the piece is untitled but you can see it here).  i love cy's work and he has surely become one of my favorite artists.  

i am so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends who helped me more than anything with this final.  my best friends emily, tori, jojo and victoria helped me so much.  emily was my beautiful model, tori photographed my garment to make it look better than it actually looks, jojo was a fabulous assistant during the shoot and victoria was always there for me for support and constructive criticism!!

check out my talented friends>>
Tori Mercedes Photography
Designs by Emily Oot
Jojo Boling Fashion
Victoria Strong - Style Guru



just your luck... me and my friends made a youtube account about our daily adventures that you can now subscribe too!!  the six of us are always up to no good, and by no good i mean we eat a lot of cupcakes and dance in our apartments to old men music at 2 a.m.  all of us pretty much have the viewpoint that life is all about adventure and trying new things and enjoying every moment.  recently we downloaded the app spark and have been filming our daily activities nonstop.  we wanted to share our videos with all our friends but couldn't on facebook so we started a youtube channel!! even though we've only had our videos up for less than like five days, the one of me giving everyone haircuts almost has 1000 views!!! ...that means we're famous right???

subscribe and watch our videos here!!

have a lovely weekend!! xo