wild wild west meets northern spain

Pau's Outfit: Bralette- BP Nordstrom, Flannel- Thrifted, Shorts- DIY thrifted, belt- unknown
My Outfit: Tank- nameless Barcelona boutique, Pants- American Vintage, Button Down- BP Nordstrom
My Outfit: Dress-Free People

 So, as you know I'm in Spain right now.  My "home base" or whatever you want to call it is in Madrid, but I've also been able to go to some other awesome cities!  Like Barcelona and La Cerdanya Mountains in Catalunya.... Basically I was in France.  In the midst of partying all night (at the weirdest clubs I might add) and sleeping all day... I, along with Pau and my other friend Gemma, decided to take pictures of our new clothes!  If you like anything you see above, what and where the things are from are listed under the photos!  Sorry I can't right much, just enjoy the pictures!!

Sending lots of love all around the world...
Xo, Car

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Another FAN-tastic Day in Paradise

My look: Dress- Free People, Shoes- gifted, Bag- Vintage Coach, Fans- souvenir shop

 Hola!! Another day in beautiful Madrid, Spain! Today Pau and I did the most touristy thing ever! We took a double decker bus around the city to see all the sights... the fancy palace, gardens, the opera house, el Sol, Grand Via, Plaza Mayor and lots of other cool little places! Despite being miserable from the 106 degree weather, I absolutely loved everything! Since it was so hot, it was actually the perfect excuse for us to spend forever wandering through all the Inditex stores that were on Grand Via. Inditex is basically like the momma company for a whole bunch of trendy Spanish stores: Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, and on and on and on.... Luckily, since the stores are based in Spain, they're all super cheap compared to American prices so I barely spent any money! ...Well less than I thought I would! (You can see what I bought in an image above!) Anyways, I've got to head out... got to get ready for tonight's festivities! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@CarolineArtime) for more pictures from my adventures!

As Always, Stay Legit...
Xo, Car

P.S. I'm kinda obsessed with my new black and yellow fan! SCAD-- gotta represent!!

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Tourist Chic

My Outfit: Blouse- BP Nordstrom, Shorts- Levi's DIY, Belt- thrifted, Tennies- Keds, Purse- Vintage Coach, Sunnies- Zara

 Hi guys!!! I'm in Madrid! Like Madrid, Spain... like I'm not in America! This is crazy!! (So call me maybe? Just kidding... love that song!) And of course, me being me, one of the most important things about coming to this glorious place is what I wear! I've only been here for about four days and all I can say is... ME GUSTA!! Yesterday, me and two of my best friends (who happen to be sisters), Eli and Pau, got our tourist gear on and went to El Retiro. Basically, its the Spanish version of Central Park... but a lot cooler since its Spanish! If you follow me on Instagram you can see my ultimate tourist outfit-- camera and all!!  (@CarolineArtime)  I'll try to keep you posted as often as I can while I'm here enjoying the Spanish life!!

Os Quiero... Besitos,

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Car and Pau's OOTD: LA/Madrid Instagram

  A big hello to all my lovely readers! Sorry (once again!) that I haven't posted in a long time! Let me fill you in.  This last month I worked a tremendous amount of hours at work since it was the last month I would be working... I was a counselor at Forest Home for 5th and 6th grade girls from my church... I went on a houseboating trip with my youth group... and I said goodbye to a lot of friends as they one by one left LA for colleges across the country.  On top of all of that, I've been shopping and packing for my trip to Spain as well as my big move to Savannah.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks! 
  Anyways, to the real point of this post.... If you follow me on Instagram (@CarolineArtime), you'll recognize the images above.  They're mine and my best friend Paula's (she's from Spain!) OOTD pictures.  If you don't know what OOTD stands for, I'll tell ya!  OOTD = Outfit of the Day! While she is visiting me in LA and then as I visit her in Madrid, we'll be posting these pictures on Instagram as frequently as possible!  I'll also add photos of my outfits on here and tell you where I got the pieces from!  I won't be able to blog a lot since I'll be out of the country so this is an easy simple way to keep you all updated!  

Love you all!Xo,

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P.S.  Unfortunately, I'd also like to inform everyone that Katie will no longer be apart of Legit Fashion. As of July she has officially decided that she will no longer have association with the blog.  As sad as it is to see her go, just wanted to let you all know that I am still here and dedicated as ever!