DIY: fringe crop top!

Okay, so trying something a little new here-- a DIY project! (Okay, everything we do is new... it's been over a year and we're still trying to develop this whole shenanigan.)   Every store I walk into I see these shirts everywhere ranging from the price of $12-$68, and if your like me (on a tight budget) and have lots of shirts lying around that you just don't wear so often anymore-- pay attention!  For our first DIY I am going to show you how to make a crop top with fringe that you will actually be proud of and wear a ton!  Follow these simple six steps and you'll be on your way to having the perfect top for make the perfect outfit!  Hope you find this helpful!  (Steps below)
Xo, Caroline

If the pictures weren't self explanatory enough for you...
1. cut bottom stitching off
2. cut side seams completely off both sides to the measurement that you desire
3. cut every 1-1.5 inches up to the same spot you cut off the seam (step 2)
4. this is how it should look
5. tie knots at the top of each individual strand
6. pull both down on the stripes and across the shirt to stretch so its not too tight around the waist

P.S. I'm not sure why the last picture is being mean and not rotating even though its not turned that way originally... weird, silly Blogger!


Quick Update

Hey all! Sorry I've been so MIA lately!  Let me just give you a quick update why, and I'm pretty sure it's a good excuse!  I've pretty much been spending my last week of summer chilling with friends, going to the beach, and going to the Taylor Swift concert with Rachie!  I'll be back and at 'em next week when school starts again so just hang in there please!  You all are great and I (and Katie, too) love you so much!

**All photos belong to me.


Camazing Designs: Posies in May!

Hey all!  As most of you fashionistas know we'll both be graduating from high school next year, and while most of my friends (including Katie) will be going off to college I'll be moving to Europe for a couple months!  Words cannot describe how excited I am to be going on such a big adventure as it!  Okay, so why am I telling you all this you ask?  Well, this is where you come in:  I need your help!  As you all know I have my own accessory line through my Etsy shop, Camazing Designs, where I sell my little flowery pieces.  You can help me out by checking it out and purchasing one of my many items, and on top of that they're all under $10!!   Some of my pieces are featured in the picture in this post!  Thanks for being so legit!
Xo, Caroline


I'm inspired by... ((nails!))

 So this is all kind of a mismatched set of nail trends that I'm really loving right now.  Most of all, I love the tribal print nails!  I am seriously going to get this done! It's gorgeous and so legit!  I also really like the idea of split colored nails-- so cool!  One trend that's actually really big right now is painting the index finger a different color of all the other four, but I really like the idea of getting a design on four nails and a solid color on the other one.  I love nail polish!  You'll rarely see me without any on.  Nails are such a big part of fashion and seeing people do new, creative things with them really inspires me!
Xo, Caroline


Beach Bliss

So, this coming year we'll both be entering our senior years in high school... the grand finale of it all, and that means it's time for us to start seriously thinking about what we want to do after it all ends next June.  I for one am very excited for what life has in store for me after graduation but first, of course, before I can do anything extraordinary, there is one thing that all high school students have to do.  Tour colleges.  So for the past week, my mother, sister, a few family friends of ours, and I have been touring colleges all up the Golden Coast.  Let me give you the down low about how legit this trip has been.  First off, we went to see Westmont College in breath-taking Montecito, CA.  The campus was beautiful and the super hot tour guide is what made the tour worth wild.  If I wasn't so determined to go to fashion school, my number one choice so far would have to be Westmont.  So after about an hour and half on campus with our hottie tour guide, we stopped by a little deli for lunch where we sat right next to country singer, Brad Paisley, and his adorable family.  And if you hadn't figured out yet, I am an avid country music fan-- I mean, it's my life.  I could barely breathe just knowing I was sharing the same air as this guy, who happens to be one of my favorites!!  But then, to top of that wonderful lunch break, we found Oprah's house.  Yeah, I said it... Oprah.  It was literally just around the corner.  Can you say best day ever? It was legit!  After all of that excitement, we headed down to UCSB, which I for one did not like.  I could never see myself going there, so I'm not really gonna talk about it.  I really didn't like it...  Anyways, after a day of touring colleges, practically having lunch with a celebrity, and driving through most beautiful place in California I've ever seen, we made it to our little beach house in Shell Beach, CA (aka, San Luis Obispo).  We are literally a stones throw away from the water.  But what would the beach be without a little beach fashion?  (You knew I was getting to this.)  What I like to wear at sunset on the beach is pretty simple:  jeans, white tee, colorful scarf.  Nothing too flashing, but really cute at the same time.  Rachel (photog), wore a cute little floral skirt that I love, cream graphic tee, and a jean jacket-- Perfect for a quick little photo shoot on the beach.  Check it out, yeah?

Xo, Caroline


I'm Inspired By... ((The Devil Wears Prada))

            So I just finished watching the Devil Wears Prada. (I didn't actually finish it... I got preoccupied with planning my trip to Europe.  Oops!)  But after I turned it off, I realized how much that movie has inspired me.  I think its the first initial thing that actually inspired me to want to be apart of the fashion world.  Its what sparked my love for clothes and design and everything to do with any of it.  To simply see the movie version of that world makes me want to be there right now, to be as talented as all of those people are, to be there.  Now.  I want it so badly; words cannot describe how badly I want to be apart of it all.  Someday; I'll get there.  Someday I will be the one who styled the look on the cover of Vogue, Nylon, Bazaar... all of them.  That will be me, and to think that if I had never watched the movie I wouldn't have even known that this is what I truly love.  Gosh, that movie inspires me so much, I just thought you all should know because you obviously read this blog for a reason.  Am I the only one out there with a situation like this, or are you in the same boat as I am?
Xo, Caroline


Day in the Life: Houseboats

 So, if you keep up with our little blog here, you probably know that we took a couple days off because we were on a trip!  Because we love you so much, and this is a "Day in the Life" post, we wanted to share some pictures of our week with all of y'all!  Basically it was a week long of sea-sick-ness (even though we were on a lake), yummy food, wake-boarding, tubing, injuries, jam sessions, conversations, sleepless nights under the stars, "pero like", man names, and Jesus.  Our skin has been kissed by the sun and our bodies have been rocked to their cores.   It was an amazing experience to live, without contact to anyone else, with the people we love the most.

Xo, Legit

((ps, I am DEF jealous of Faith's shirt in the second to last picture..... that's why its posted.  Xo, Car)