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A Los Angeles native, Caroline is now living in Savannah (yeah, that's in Georgia).  Her insane love for styling and fashion design has taken her all the way across the country to SCAD ◊ Savannah College of Art and Design ◊ where she is studying fashion marketing and management.  Though LA will always be her home have a special place in her heart, she is absolutely in love with her new southern life.

This blog is all about being a golden coast girl living it up down south, with a main focus on fashion and personal lifestyle.   From daily outfit posts, DIYs, adventure photo diaries and just about anything and everything in between, LAV is your own set on eyes into the glamorous world of Caroline.  


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Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline -

You get cuter every time I see you. Loved your pins. The newspaper nails are something my granddaughter would love. Agree with you that the skirt outfit is "way too cute." And the "My Wedding" is so you. Loved the quote "Let's be awkward together" and can see it hanging on my granddaughter's wall.
Signed "MK - Your ole lady friend from GPC"