When I die I hope heaven looks like a Free People store.  I'm not even kidding, I've been saying that since I first walked into a Free Peeps store way back in the day.  Tuesday, I check up on their site to see what was new and oh my, holy moly!  My jaw literally dropped because these dresses blew me away.  I cannot imagine anything more perfect for summer!  They're all so beautifully elegant and are so whimsical.  Seriously, ahh, Free People does it again!

Xo, Caroline


in beach mode

Sorry for the poor quality post, my camera was dead and I couldn't find the charger!  Instead of having a pity party about it, I decided to snap a few shots today with my iPhone, which apparently doesn't have the quality camera that I thought it did!  (If anyone knows how to fix that, I'd love to know what to do!)  Today, I wasn't really in the mood to get dressed so I slipped on a maxi and an oversized sweater despite the extremely weird, hot weather we've been having in LA.  I was kind of channeling my desire to go to the beach in my outfit today since that's basically all I can think about lately.  Because it was super sunny, I added a simple fedora because my hair was a rats nest, figuratively of course!  And as usual my hands were all blinged out with two pretty simple bracelets, rings and green with envy polish by Orly Nail Lacquer!

Sweater- Brandy Melville
Skirt- Buffalo Exchange (thrift)
Shoes- Chinese Laundry
Bracelets- H&M/Brandy Melville
Rings- grandma's closet
Purse- Brandy Melville

Xo, Caroline


this guy named Jeffrey....

Okay, I know I've already posted quite a bit about how much I drool over Jeffrey Campbell's works of art, called shoes.  But since, I have only really said things about Litas (since they're my faaaavsies) I thought I'd change things up a bit and post about the other shoes by good ol' Jeff that I'm seriously going gaga over!  Which ones do you think I should get?!

Let me know in the comments below!
Xo, Caroline


life shmife

Since I haven't done a personal post in a while, I thought I would just fill you in on what's going on in my life!  These are just a couple pictures from all the mayhem that's going on.  (Top row; right to left) The first picture is of me and one of my besties, Monica, window-painting our friend's car after seeing a play he directed (he's a hunk!).  Next is a picture of me and some of my really close friends at a photo shoot for the invitation for our graduation party!  (Middle row; right to left) My sister, bestie Austin and myself at school all dressed up for America Monday during Prom Spirit Week!  I'm definitely a huge red, white and blue fan so it was my favorite day of the week!  The other picture is of me and Katie at the Nordstrom Cafe in Santa Monica... we had the best chocolate banana creme brulee! (Third row; right to left) Me and a close family friend, Becky, trying on matching shirts at Anthropologie while shopping with our mommies! They've been best friends since kindergarden... CRAZY!  Oh and doesn't Becky remind you a little bit of Kim Kardashian?!  The final picture is of me and a whole bunch of my friends going to a surprise costume party for our friend Courtney!  We got really into it!
I hope you all have been having as much fun as I am these past couple weeks!  Have any of you been up to anything cool?! Let me know in the comments!

Xo, Caroline


oscar de la oobsessed!!

So I literally just logged onto my Tumblr and saw this post! I nearly fainted! The new stuff for Oscar de la Renta is jaw dropping gorg!  Like seriously though, its perfection!  Look at those glittery dresses and the purple streak! I am so so so in loved and at some point in my life, I need to get my hands on one of those dresses!  
Is anyone noticing that I obsess a lot.....?? Hehe :)

Xo, Caroline



Bikini season? Yeah right! It's one-piece season!  Doubling as a swimsuit and cute tank, a one piece bathing suit is a must-have for this summer!  I think I'm going to order the first one... What do you think?

Xo, Caroline


my mood music monday

This song definitely puts me in the mood for late night adventures and sleeping under the stars.
Ellie Goulding is definitely in my top played list on my ipod right now.

Xo, Caroline


i'm graduating

Twenty-five days from now I will be done with high school.  I will be beginning the process of packing up my room, saying good-bye to friends, traveling to Spain and the moving to Savannah, Georgia.  In twenty-five days, it will be pretty much be safe to say that I am officially and adult.  Scary, right?  But before all of that, a fashion loving, style-guru like me needs some fabulous senior portraits riiiight?  Well that's what these pictures are!  The fabulous photography Stephanie Villa Davis took this rockin' pictures and seriously, I don't think they could represent me more!  The pictures were taken in the LA fashion district, in front of some pretty cool and super trendy mural underneath a freeway overpass, and at probably one of the most amazing parks in the entire LA area!  After the photo shoot, I realized that I might actually miss this city when I move to the South.  What do you guys think of the pictures?

Xo, Caroline

Coral tank- Forever 21
Floral pants- Forever 21
Litas- Jeffery Campbell
Black skirt- Brandy Melville USA
Boots- thrifted
White/black blouse- Nordstrom
Black cigarette pants- Forever 21
Cheetah platforms- Steve Madden
White dress- Free People
Kitten heel sandals- Sam Edelman


i am a wildfox

So I when I love something, I really love it and this is no exception for my new found obsession: Wildfox Couture.  After spending hours looking through pages of clothes on their website, I found their Tumblr and I can honestly say that this company is basically my life.  When I read their "description" I knew that I was obsessed: 
Seriously though this is my life.  I am a Wildfox.  Are you??

Xo, Caroline

**all photos were found via Wildfox on Tumblr**


facebook vs ebay

I don't know if this is a universal trend or if its just something that people at my school have become smart enough to do, but over the last couple of months people have been selling things on Facebook like no other!  When people first started doing it, it wasn't really popular and I think everyone was pretty skeptical about the whole thing.  After a while almost everyone was selling their clothes, accessories or even ipods.  People would make funny comments about the whole thing, making fun of it and saying its stupid and that people should stop, but I totally disagree.  I think this idea is genius!  Speaking from my own experience, its way easier than Ebay and its kind of nice knowing your clothes are going to people you know.  Its a quick and easy way of getting rid of clothing that isn't really your style anymore and the clothes you still wonder why you ever purchased it.  Its also a great way to be motivated to clean out your closet because it means your going to get some cash!  
Selling your clothes, or even just giving away in general, is also a great technique to help you define your personal style.  Going through your closet and sorting out clothes to keep and sell (and sometimes trash!) is a great process to find what clothing you should and shouldn't purchase in the future. Its also a really funny experience because you get to see how much your fashion senses have progressed.  For me, I'm actually quite embarrassed to say that the majority of the clothing I've been selling on clothes are from pretty generic stores that  you find in almost every mall.  I was such a shame to the world of fashion... but because I sorted it out, now I know that my personal style is much more sassy and eclectic.  

I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!
Xo, Caroline

**Unfortunately the clothing pictured above is not for sale via Legit Fashion and is only available for sale to my Facebook friends.  Unless I know you personally I will not add you on Facebook so that you can purchase these clothing.  Later in the summer I plan on adding a vintage/thrift store finds shop to my blog and you will be able to purchase clothing from me then.  But for now that option in unavailable because I do not have the time to package and ship items since I am still in school!**


NG May Look-and-Love-Book

Okay, so for reals though.  I am in love with the latest look book from Nasty Gal.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Nasty Gal is my all time favorite online shop.  Every piece of clothing and accessory sold on the site is my style exactly.  I am really loving the bright, practically neon colors their using this season.  In the post below I mentioned my pretty neutral wardrobe which is true, but I'm also a sucker for bright colors.  I just tend to wear them in moderation!  
Seriously, though... look at everything above.  Its all so cute!  I'm loving all the hardcore studs and girl floral combo.  Like I'm loving fashion right now. Especially Nasty Gal!  Check it out!
Xo, Caroline

**You can find a link to Nasty Gal by clicking on the SHOPSLOVE tab!**


pretty and pink

Neon and pale pink are really in this season and I'm kinda adoring every second of it.  Here are just some pictures that are inspiring me to add a little more pink to my ever so neutral wardrobe.
Lots of posts this week so keep stay tuned! 
Thanks for taking your time to read my blog! Love you all!

Xo, Caroline