HTW: mini mini skirts

Well once again, I'm trying something new. I just got a Lookbook.nu, which is another website for fashion bloggers where people can "hype" your looks and get you more fans or whatever! I'd would mean a lot to me if you'd push the hype button above! But anyways, a friend of mine, Amber, asked me to do a post about how to wear high waist mini skirts and make them look casual, so today I slipped on this puppy with an equally as punkalicious tank, denim vest and boots. Even though I'm not a fan of these itty bitty, mini skirts, the key to making them casual is by playing them down with much more outspoken, super basic pieces, like a denim vest. Also, layering is your friend. Wearing a shirt that falls over the skirt will make it waaaay more casual because it looks a lot more effortless. Stay away from lace, cropped, glittery, or anything too blouse-y. I think the overall message I'm trying to get a cross is to make sure you wear casual clothing with the skirt, because just that will make it look casual. Finally, my last suggestion is to sport a messier do, or throwing your hair up in a messy bun or pony!

 I hope this helped, Amber!! I know you love wearing these skirts, so I hope this helped solved your problem! Xoxo

 Xo, Caroline

 Do you have something you'd like to learn how to wear??? Let me know in a comment below and I'll see what I can do! 

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lights that stole me ▲ ▼

We had a hipster kind of party.

 Lace Shell- Free People
Shorts- Thrifted/Levi's
Sweater- Free People
Boots- Fashion District

Xo, Caroline

Photography by miss Monica Lyons

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a pretty punk summer

TREND ALLLLLLERT!  After window shopping a lot online, I realized that despite all the trends that we're all being told all over the internet and in magazines, the punkier and edgier look is very, very in!  Lots of black.  Definitely lots of crosses and lace.  Hi-waisted shorts and denim are a must, as well as statement jewelry.  Oh and studs... lots and lots of studs.  I like it!!

Xo, Caroline

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~CARMAR look book~

Literally, I am currently drooling all over my keyboard about the latest CARMAR line.  Like seriously, this is my new favorite denim brand.  I slipped on a pair of these puppies in an LF Store in Laguna Beach and even though its one size fits all, they fit perfectly.... and that's kind of a surprise because I'm not gonna lie... I'm quite curvy!  But seriously, I am in love and I will do whatever I need to do to get my claws on a pair of them!  To check out the rest of the look book, like right here!

I'd love to hear back from you so please leave a comment below!

Xo, Caroline

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dressing room diary: Brandy Melville

So, my all time favorite store for casual and unusual clothing is a store called Brandy Melville located in Santa Monica, CA.  Even though it is quite a drive for more because of all the crazy LA traffic, it is definitely worth the trek!  About once a month, my sister and I drive out to the beach and probably spend way to much money on all things Brandy.  I totally forgot to photograph the jewelry I bought, but I bought a lot, and they are definitely my new favorite pieces.  I am more than 100% that you will be seeing some in future posts!  But anyways, I ended up only buying the cheetah cross and triangle tanks because I wanted to stock up on some jewelry, but these two additions to my closet are perfect for a day at the beach or just laying around the pool chilling with friends.  I like to call them a new addition to my "hipster-wear".  P.S. the shorts that I am wearing are just a pair of old hi-waisted jeans that I cut off! $1 at my local thrift store.

In the future I plan on doing more "Dressing Room Diary" posts to show you things I've purchases or things I've tried on.  If you want I would be more than glad to get prices for y'all for if anything I try on/buy inspires you to do the same!

What's your fave tank?!  Tell me in the comments below!

Xo, Caroline

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HTW: Peter Pan Collars

 "How do I wear my super cute new Peter Pan collar blouse?!" you ask???  Well, let me tell you!

If you've been in any store in the last three months, you know what a Peter Pan collar is, or at least what it looks like!  Anything with one of these lovely little collars is definitely something you should pick up when you see it!  They are super trendy right now and are a great way to spruce up your wardrobe, keeping it up-to-date!  I found this great shirt at a store called Heavenly Couture on Balboa Island for only $15!  Yeah, I said it.... $15!  And the crazy thing is, the whole freaking store was $15!  Like every single item of clothing... I found my new go-to place for trendy, seasonal clothing all right!  But anyways, I thought I'd share with all of y'all three ways how you can wear a blouse with a Peter Pan collar!  I've decided to feature three looks:  business, casual, and night time.

Look #1: Business appropriate + Peter Pan collar.  In my look, I paired my blouse with an A-line, black skirt and cardigan.  I really like skirts for work because they're feminine and fun.  They're super easy to wear and are way more comfortable then trousers.  I always make sure my skirts knee length and my shoulders are covered.  Keeping my shoulders covered creates a much more professional look.  I added a woven belt to make the look a little bit more fun and wore my Sam Edelman kitten healed sandals.  Since my outfit was so simple, I made sure to add a lot of bracelets, as well as my usual rings.  Adding jewelry to a simple work outfit is the way to go, since they're playful and can be personal!

Look #2: Casual!! My favorite!  I love being fashionably casual!  Like, who doesn't love it when they're running errands and people admire what you're wearing?!  In this look, I paired my blouse with some navy cotton shorts, and left it untucked.  Normally, I tuck everything, but since this look is the most casual, I decided to leave it untucked.  Plus, its cute since the shirt is sheer!  (Also, on that note, please oh please always make sure you have a cami or cute bandeau on underneath your sheer blouses!  I have to admit though, sometimes I don't always follow that rule... but keep it in mind!)  I decided to slip on my favorite pair of woven sandals and only added two strands of pearls and my wrist watch-- keeping it cute, flirty and simple!

Look #3: The formal look.  Nighttime appropriate.  The sassiest of all.  I love to get dressed up and that's just what I did with this look.  I paired my lovely little blouse with a pair of black cigarette pants, printed pumps, and a cheetah print clutch.  I love a good cigarette pant, especially for night time.  Pairing them with the Peter Pan blouse kind of makes the whole idea of wearing pants at night a lot more fun and flirts up your look a little bit.  Like how sassy is that?  Adding two printed pieces to the look also makes it much more special.  I love adding cheetah anything, but adding the floral finishes the look perfectly!  And throwing my hair up in a bun makes the look look effortless but chic at the same time!

I hope this helped you out a little bit!

Xo, Caroline

P.S. HTW: "How to Wear", I plan on doing a lot more of these type of posts in the future!

I'd love to hear back from you, so leave a comment below! Xx

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parasols, pirates and lions oh my!

So, I'm sure there are many of you who know, I graduated from high school last Thursday!  And to celebrate, my parents through me a party which was pretty magically because we had a photo booth, and basically this was the outcome!  I have bucket loads of pictures that seriously are too funny for words, but these are three of the ones I really liked.  If you couldn't tell from some of the pictures.... I can make some pretty glorious faces!  
I'll be posting picture from my graduation soon! 

Xo, Caroline

What I Wore:
Dress- Free People
Kimono- Forever 21
Head piece- homemade (Do you want a tutorial!?)

I'd love to hear back from you, so leave a comment below! Xx

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summer must haves!

summer must haves

#1 Coppertone SPF 8 $8 #2 J. Crew $115 #3 Essie $8 #4 Rag & Bone $277 #5 Sun In $10 #6 forevernew.com.au $13 #7 ajraefields.com $25 #8 Nordstrom $49

Hello California girls or wannabe California girls!  Are you ready for one of the best summers that LA has ever seen?!  I sure am, especially since I've grabbed a couple summer essentials that every girl around the world needs to make a splash this summer!  Above are my 8 favorite things that are necessary to stay fabulous this summer vacay!  All of these things can be mixed and matched with any of the clothes that you've been stashing up for the hot, hot months of summer!  And if you're not from the Golden State, make sure you pick up a pair of Rainbow Sandals, and you will be radiating some California love!

Xo, Caroline

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summer wishlist!

summer wishlist

#1 Wildfox Couture $92  #2 Top Shop $25  #3 Carven Anastasie $360  #4 Essie $8  #5 Alexander McQueen $495  #6 Madewell $198  #7 Top Shop $64  #8 Kate Spade $52  #9 Lucky Brand $35  #10 Free People $128

There is a constant wishlist of things that I wish I could have running through my head.  Like seriously, I will be sitting in my Psychology class and I'll think back to the last time I went shopping and add random things to the list of things I neeeed!  Although some of the things above are a little pricey, they're still on my wishlist because they serve as an internal inspiration board.  For example, I can't afford an Alexander McQueen cuff but I keep it on my wishlist so when I go to a store with things I actually can afford, I know its something I'm looking for!  I am seriously obsessed with some of the things above and it hurts my poor fashion girl heart that I can't afford all of these lovely things.... boo hoo :(

Satchel- Perfect for a day to the beach, amusement park, shopping or a casual day out on the town.  They're great because they store the things you need with easy access, plus you can just throw them over your shoulder when you're on the run.  You don't want to worry about your purse while there's only so may precious hours of summer fun!
Sunnies- A trendy pair of sunnies is the perfect way to keep the most simple outfits current and fashion forward.  Pair them with jean shorts and a white tee for a really classic look, or pair them with a super fashion forward dress for an edgy, sassy look!  A pair of trendy sunnies is a summer essential!  Normally I grab 2 or 3 cheapies from Forever 21 or H&M for the summer since (if you're like me) you'll probably be doing a lot of fast paced activities where they might break or scratch!
Mint Polish- This colour has been in for a long time, but especialllllly for this summer since this colour is pretty much a neutral now.  Daytime, nighttime.... it works for practically every outfit you'll be wearing this summer.  It's definitely worth an investment, so don't buy cheap!

Xo, Caroline

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starry eyed

 This is an outfit that I wore the other day to school.  I am obviously a huge fan of American flag clothing, so I bought this skirt about a month ago.  But instead of emphasizing that its super American, I toned it down a little bit by pairing it with a really simple white blouse and a leather belt.  By adding neutrals to such a bold print skirt, I was able to create an understated statement outfit.  I really, really liked this outfit.

Xo, Caroline