~a darling daisy~

My Outfit: Denim Button Down- BP Nordstrom, Shorts- H&M, Sunnies- Zara, Sandals- Sam Edelman, Purse- Dooney & Bourke.

Hey y'all!

It was a lovely day in Savannah so me and my roommate decided to do a little more exploring, grab a Starbucks, buy some hair dye and do a little thrifting.  It was a beautifully splendid day!  I cannot get over how great this city is... highly recommend coming here at some point in your life!

Lots of looooove, xo

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*Special thanks to my roomie, Victoria for taking these pictures!


mailboxes and skulls

My Outfit: Tank- H&M, Skirt-Bershka, Sandals- gifted,  Polish- Kiko.

 Hey lovelies!  I hope you are all getting ready for an awesome weekend! I don't want to say much in this post, but I wanted to let you all know that I love you and thanks for all your support!  Don't forget to leave comments below and on other posts, I absolutely adore hearing from you all!

P.S. I'm considering leaving out writing in my posts... What do you all think? 

Xo, Car

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*Special thanks to my awesome roomies Hannah and Victoria for taking these pictures!



Hey hey hey!
Fall is coming and last night I was definitely feeling the need to bring out my new(ish) comfy sweater and jeans.  This idea was good and bad.  Let me tell you the story: My roommates and I were in desperate need of Starbucks--and a break from studying-- so we busted a mission downtown to grab our grande Salted Carmel Mochas (never again, way too sweet for me!)  Me, of course, not thinking about the weather we've had her in Savannah lately, put on the worst possible outfit for the occasion. Lets just say that it was 7pm and about 85 degrees and humid... But I sure loved the way it looked!  I am soooo ready for Fall!  ...I can't believe I just said that!  Maybe its because this is the first time I'll actually get to experience real Fall since LA Fall is basically summer with some rain.

Xo, Car

P.S. Sorry for the horrible picture quality... I moved and forgot to bring a camera so my iPhone is all I got for right now.  I'm working on getting my hands on a camera though!

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want inspiration?

For those who have been lacking inspiration, can't find the right kind of inspiration, or those who just love to look at things to inspire them... please take a look at my Tumblr page >>here<<
I absolutely adore Tumblr because its basically my big, fat, virtual mood board.  I love the freedom that comes with Tumblr and how it allows me to collect images that I just find to be perfection.  Instead of searching the web for cool, "trendy" pictures of my favorite models and clothes, its all right there on one site!  On the other hand though, the one thing I don't like about Tumblr is that some people use it as their whole blog and claim other peoples pictures to be their own and get "famous" because of that.  I don't know, its a touchy subject with me.  
But anyways, if you're in need (or just want to take a peek) of what inspires me and what images I'm lovin' on right now, feel free to check out my page, give me a follow, leave me a message or whatever your heart desires!  I just thought I'd share!

Happy Monday, Y'ALL! Xo,

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my fall must haves!

fall must haves

fall must haves by legitfashion featuring long sleeve tops

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying whatever part of the world their in right now!  Today I thought I'd share with you the seven things I think are absolutely necessary for this Fall!  So here we go:

#1- A super cozy oversized sweater.  I absolutely love a cuddly sweater-- one that I can throw on and not have to worry about!  But when I say oversized, I don't mean like excessive large... think more like, roomy but still flattering!
#2- Simple studs.  I've never been a huge fan of earrings, but lately I've really liked wearing simple but cute studs.  I think they finish a look and add a little class to your outfit (even if its a pair of mermaid tails like the ones I'm currently sporting!)
#3- Longchamp.  Every woman should own a Longchamp bag.  They're so basic ad versatile, and especially now that I've started school, I need a big bag that cute and stylish as well!  You can never go wrong with one!
#4- A flowy, easy-to-wear skirt.  Literally, I've been living in skirts lately.  Like, they are so easy to just throw on with a sweater or crop top-- definitely necessary for the Fall!  This season, I'm especially loving skirts in yellowy tones.  Anything from neon yellow to mustard yellow to the palest of pale yellows.  I don't know, they're just so basic and chic!
#5- Cuffs!  I am so in love, love, LOVE with ear cuffs for Fall.  I know they were super big this summer, but I'm pretty sure they're like ten times cooler for Fall.  (Or at least they are in my book!!)  I love them because they're so playful and kind of sassy!
#6- Booties!  Even though I don't have this exact pair of booties, I am gaga over these gems from ASH.  Like, they're perfect!  But for this season, any pair of good quality lace up "combat boots" are perfect.  They're so easy to wear and feel super Fall-ish... They're also really good for the changing weather!
#7- SUPERS.  I don't have these either, but they're like number one of my need-to-buy-immediately list!  They're absolutely perfect and I love them and I need them.  They're so Fall-ish to me!

Alright, that's all.  I hope this post gave you a little inspiration for your Fall attire!

Love you guys! Xo,

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fall inspiration / update

Hey, y'all! School started this last week and now I can officially say that I am a college student!  It feels so ridiculously crazy saying that! If you all don't know, I am no longer located in Los Angeles, California... I am now in Savannah, Georgia!! Yeah, I literally went from one coast to another... and I must say, this coast is WAY different from the other, but I'm loving it.  For the first time I'm able to honestly say that I love school!  (What isn't there to love about painting and sketching all day?! Nothing!) But anyways, I should probably get to the purpose of this post.  These outfits, song and scenery are definitely somethings that have been inspiring my transition into fall wardrobe here in good ol' Sav.  From the colors, to the textures, to the sounds... I am definitely feeling inspired here and I'm loving every second of it.  

Peace! xo,

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while i was gone....

Hey all!
Unfortunately, sometimes us bloggers do have lives and do have to do things that leave little to no time for blogging.  Its really sad actually, so I took lots of pictures to fill you in on what I've been up to this past month.  Yes, if you've been keeping up with Legit you'll know that I was in Spain, but for those of you who don't know that... just go to the main page and scroll your little hearts away!  Anyways, here's a quick snippet of the last month of my life while I was gone! Vamos!

Uno- My plane entertainment: Spain review notebook, sketchbook and pencils, Pride and Prejudice, Nylon, Fitness and Marie Claire... very important things!
Dos- Elisa, me and Paula in La Plaza de Sol.  Basically they're two of my best friends and they're sisters and I stayed with them in Spain and I love that place plus my groovy outfit.
Tres- Wandering through the streets of Madrid on probably the hottest day in the history of time.
Cuatro- Me being cute and tourist in El Retiro (aka the Spanish version of Central Park and the most beautiful place ever!)
Cinco- A mega collage of my entire trip to Spain.  There are literally pictures of every thing!
Seis- A day by the pool.  Rockin' my new Zara shades and a knot bun.
Siete- Paula and I infront of the Sagrada Fam√≠lia in Barcelona!
Ocho- Me relaxing on the beach in Barcelona.  Basically, perfection.
Nueve- Paula, Gemma (another friend of mine from Spain) and I doing a photo shoot in La Cerdanya mountains!

You can find these pictures and more on my Instagram by following me: @CarolineArtime

Love you guys! xo,

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