Super Bowl...

Hi guys, so um as you know today was the Super Bowl and um if you couldn't tell I was just a tad distracted so um, the grammar and spelling is horrible.  I apologize, my sister read it after the game and she freaked out.  I'll try to figure out how to fix it but I just wanted to apologize if it really sucked.... SORRRY!

Katie is MIA.... :(


Sweet Sixteen!

For all you fiteeners out there, its the year of the sweet sixteen parties and we allll know how oh so important those are!  We've already been through that phase so we'd like to give you a few tips on what to wear at your big party!
Okay, so first off, the formal party.  Dancing, DJ, catering, crowns... this one's our favorite by far!  It's always though to know if by formal, the invite means FORMAL formal or just formal, if you know what we mean.  So heres a tip... don't go over the top.  Keep it classy but original.  We reallly like this dress for so many reasons.  First of all monotone is really in right now and the whole going from white to black is really snazzy.  This dress is also really flirty and totally fun because theres so many layers without looking like a hot mess.  So if you're the birthday girl, this is a great choice and if you're the birthday party attendee, its a great choice as well.  You can never go wrong with a little dwindling of color.
OK, so on to sweet sixteen number dos.  So for all y'all out there who are having a day/night out with your BFFs including shopping, mani/pedis, or anything else of a casual manner we're so in love with the idea of sparkles!  Sparkles are so.... happy, and scream "ITS MY BIRTHDAY!"  Paired with your favorite jeans and brown boots, you're sparkly tank top will turn heads.  Its not too flashy, but isn't like super boring and that's what you want on your birthday.  Take a look at how we made this work.

Question.  What do you wear when you're told to "dress fancy but not super fancy" to a sweet sixteen?  Simple.  A dress, but not one thats too flassy.  Wear something trendy (animal print, floral, stripes, etc) and something you feel comfortable in.  We decided that we'd try out a little animal print to show y'all that you can wear it without looking like a freak.  We think that when you're gonna wear any type of animal its best that you don't accessorize too much because then you'll look like a zoo.

Finally, sweet sixteen #4.  So what do you wear when it's your sweet sixteen and your boyfriend wants to take you out for a day of fun?  We know!  Wear something cute yet casual yet different yet different! It's your birthday, you should wear something you wouldn't normally wear everyday!  And it never hurts to look nice to impress your boy ;) If we had boyfriends and if they were to have taken out for our birthday we'd wear red tights, shorts, a shear shirt with silver bandeau, and our favorite: cowboy boots.  Oh, and you can't forget the fedora!  There's also a few pictures for what your guy should wear, so many give him a little nudge-nudge.

Just for Fun!

So, today while Katie was at Disneyland with some friends of ours while I was forced to stay home because its my dad's birthday, I decided to do a little something for the blog.  Our BFF, Zosha, a model for the blog, came over and we played makeover.  Then, the thought popped into my head that this was the perfect chance to show all you what a great way to wear your make up, day or night.  Here are a few of the pics we took:

I know that there are only a few, but you get the idea.  The colored picture was what I like to do for day time because its natural looking and makes your eyes sparkle.  The sepia picture is more of a look for night time.  Yes, its fairly simple but its perfect for spring: not too heavy.  The eye liner gives Zosh a little sassafrass ;)  Okay, so the last picture is just us messing around, but as you can see... our make up is pretty much the same! So, anyways... try out either of these looks for day or night, doesn't matter.  I'll be posting a video either tonight or tomorrow on how to do it.  Sorry that its not like UBBER creative, but its simple and its legit.

Squeeky Clean!

OMG, look at our blog! It is soooooooo cute!
Not to brag or anything, but doesn't our blog look SO amazing? We've finally finished the finishing touches and it amazing. We're so proud of ourselves and we can't wait to keep updating and sharing our love for fashion and life with you! :) You can now follow us on twitter or become a fan of us on facebook.  You can find the links to those sites on the left side of this page!  You have no idea how stoked we are right now..... it's legit.


Winter 2011 Poll Results!

Hey Readers!  Thank you SO much for voting in the last poll! Your feedback was so great that we wanted to share it with you, so here it is!

Pea Coats - 40%
Uggs! - 22%
Sweaters - 13%
Fashion Forward Scarves - 22%
       Wow, you all have great style because pea coats were honestly, the most fashion forward way to go this past season.  They come in so many styles that theres one out there for anyone and can represent individual style while being warm and comfy at the same time.  They're great because they can we worn to class or to a party.
      Uggs, classics.  Often referred to be UGGly but we beg to differ.  Yes, they are very unusual, but they're warm and are great paired with jeans and your pea coat ;)  They've been perfect for all those cold, rainy days we've had over the past couple of months.
     Who doesn't love wearing sweaters?  I mean, they're sooo unbelievably comfortable and they totally make the IDGAF, frumpy look super cute.  They're perfect cause they're really warm and they are just plain ol' adorable.  Great go to piece, sweater wearers!
     WE LOVE SCARVES!  They're so freaking adorable!  A good scarf can honestly make an outfit complete and they are pretty handy-dandy when wanting to keep your neck warm.  Que fabulosa!

Thanks for the feedback, xoxo,
Katie and Caroline <3