Food for Thought: take 1

Hi All!  So I went looking for a summer-read yesterday with my friend and stumbled across this.  It's called The Happiness Project, it's a book about this lady who is on a mission to find her happiness.  I just started reading this book today, and I'm throughly enjoying it already.  I took a little break so I could write this so maybe you too could pick it up and discover your own happiness like I plan on doing myself.  I'll keep you updated as I get further into the pages.  Also, you take the happiness survey suggested at the book by clicking   here!  Also, have a happy and safe Memorial Day!  God Bless!
Xo, Caroline


Rainy May Days.. UGH!!

So if you're like me and living in SoCal, you're probably hating the rain like now.  Don't get me wrong, rain is great... but not in May!!! Its almost summer, it should be sunny and warm!!  And, again, if you're like me, you've probably already put away all your winter clothes or just boughten a fresh batch of Spring/Summertime clothes.  Today, the rain is such a dilemma and it most likely will be tomorrow or some other day this week.  (If you don't live in SoCal and are experiencing a rainy season, this should be pretty relevant, but if you're not in our situation, I'm sure you have rainy days where you live so listen up!)  Below a picture of an outfit I put together thats Spring appropriate as well as rain appropriate... They involve some Wellies, an animal print scarf, a frumpy cardigan and a classic grey tee!  Check it out!!
Stay warm, drink lots of hot cocoa, and stay legit!
Xo, Caroline

Legit Fashion

Find these pieces at--
Knit cardigan
$118 - anthropologie.com

American Vintage slim tee
65 EUR - stylebop.com

Wood Wood vintage jeans
$165 - urbanoutfitters.com

Hunter rubber boot
$125 - nordstrom.com

Michael Kors leather tote
295 GBP - comparestoreprices.co.uk

Pearl bracelet

Tilo leopard print scarve
$140 - shopbop.com



2011 Spring Poll Results!
We're going to keep this short and sweet.  In the last Legit Poll we asked all of you which celebrity inspires your wardrobe the most, and this is what ya'll said:
Taylor Swift 54%
Lauren Conrad 36%
The Olsen Twins 31%
Kate Moss 22%
Katy Perry 22%
Wow! More than half of you are inspired by Taylor Swift... She is such a style icon for this decade in her sweet and girly style!  As much as we love TSwizzle, don't forget to look into the styles of all the others listed above.  They all contribute to the fashion world in their own ways.    :)

Legit Totes
So a LOT of people have been asking us about about the tote bags and we have some great news!  We've picked the designs but we're keeping them a secret so you'll just have to wait and be surprised!!  The date for when they'll actually be available for sale will be announced in the near future so keep checking back for updates!!

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Xo, Legit :)
it's an entrance to a house, thought it was relevant...


NCL Fashion Show

       Some of you may know, and some may not, that I (along with Rachel) am apart of a mother-daughter organization.  Every year, each grade level each has a special event from planning a chapter-wide event in 10th grade and a presentation ball in 12th.  Being a junior in high school this year, I was lucky enough to be apart of the annual 11th grade Fashion Show/Tea/Award show.  Honestly, I can say it has been my favorite activity I've gotten to do in this program.  It's my dream to be a model so it was literally my dream come true!
       You would think that on the runway I was going to be terrified, but actually I had so much fun and a lot more confidence than I thought I would walking out in front of 600 people!  All eyes were on me and, unlike normal, I loved it!  It was the best feeling ever and I had a blast! 
       So some of you are probably like "OMG WHAT DID YOU GET TO WEAR"... and let me tell you!  As a whole group, we modeled looks from stores: Vera Bradley, Anthropologie, Cowgirl Princess, ABS, White House | Black Market, Bloomingdale's (including my fave brand Free People!!), and Katelyn's.  We also got to model a formal dress, from any store we wanted so it was awesome seeing ever girl's taste shine through!  Mine was bright, obnoxious, neon ORANGE with big giant silver bedazzles... soo not me! (Pictures below; it's much prettier than how I described it.)  
       It was really cool because, my mom being in charge of the show, let me go with the modeling coaches/stylists to pick out the outfits from Bloomie's and W|B!  It was a dream come true, I got to miss school and I got to style!  They were so nice and really listened to my opinions, and now after that experience I know that it's what I want to do with my life!  SOOO LEGIT!  I was able to help the two ladies pick out some really great outfits for all the other girls and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I was also really satisfied with what I got to model in the show.  I modeled Vera Bradley, Katelyn's, Bloomingdale's (Free People), and my neon, caution cone prom dress.  For Vera Bradley, I modeled an ADBOOOORABLE green, yellow and turquoise floral mini-print bag.  I modeled an aquamarine flowly, more boho styled dress with a really cool neck detail (it was paired with a black belt, two necklaces, and a pair of leather wedges).  At Bloomie's I modeled Free People (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) wearing a long purple, floral skirt, a white and black polka dot tank top and a grey/white striped shirt.  
       Overall, I can say that it was an amazing experience and I loved it so much because it was all based on fashion... I wish I had gotten more pictures from the pre-award show.  Everyone there was dressed soooo beautifully.  Take a look at my dream come true...  
 Xo, Caroline :)

Some of mine and Katie's friends before the show (Priscilla, Clare, Marita, Emily, Amanda --model--, me, Lauren, and Katie)

Awards lunch before the show.  The girl on the left is our good friend Lauren.  You already know us :)

the boys (Andrew and Trevor)

Modeling Vera Bradley
Modeling Katelyn's (Maddi and Morgan)
Modeling Free People via Bloomingdale's

Me with my wonderful escort, David.  We were so matchy-matchy with our neon orange.  I told you it was a lot prettier than it would seem! :)

After the show (Carter, Rebecca --model--, Katie, me, Lauren, Priscilla, and David)

The girls of Legit Fashion - AKA us!!