Confessions of a Teenage Shopaholic

Hi guys! It's Caroline.  I love Legit with all my life, but I decided I should start another blog.  My new blog is called Confessions of a Teenage Shopaholic and its just about everything that makes me, me.  It's pretty much my life story and everything that goes through my mind.  I would love it if you follow me with your Blogger on my new blog and would spread the word!  Read the about me to find out what the blogs all about.  I think you all will like it... or at least I hope you will!  And don't worry!  Legit Fashion will still be up and running but since it takes two of us to run this blog, its a little more complicated to coordinate postings and whatnot.  We're not going anywhere, don't worry!  

So if you would check out my new blog that'd be fantastical and would mean the world to me!! I love you all very much! Stay Legit <3

Xo, Caroline


We're Back and We're Fab~

Hello Little Legitsters! Sorry we've been MIA for like the last month or two... or three but we're back and we're going to try out best to be back for good!  We thought we wouldn't dedicated this post to filling you in on what we've been doing and where we've been, but we're just going to tell you about our New Years Eve outfit choices.  We think you're really going to like them... So here we go!

What Katie Wore:
-white mullet dress
-grey sequin cardigan
-stone pendant necklace
-beige lace up pumps

What Caroline Wore:
-sheet white collared button down with black trim
-black pencil skirt
-camel boyfriend blazer
-gold cross braclete
-black sparkle pumps

Xo, Legit