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Hola Fashionista!  We'll be absent from Legit till August 5th, because we'll be spending our time relaxing the water and wakeboarding till the sun goes down on our church's annual houseboat trip.  We're both really looking forward to getting kissed by the sun and having our hair bleached by the sunshine.  Meanwhile, enjoy some of these water-inspired photos that we love! :)  Oh, and stay legit!

Xo, Legit


Summer Poll Results

So we know that you were totally waiting for this post for like ever, so now you can be really excited because its SUMMER POLL RESULTS TIME!!! oh yeah!  So we asked all of you what colors you wear the most, and I'm sure some of you knew exactly what you were going to say, but most likely most of you didn't.  What color you wear the most can say a lot about your personality, and that's what we love so much about fashion-- its ability to reflect your insides on the outside!  Below we're gonna post the results from the poll, and if you want to find out what wearing each color mean, we're going to be posting a link too! 

red, pink, coral-
orange, yellow-
white, black, grey-
blue, turquoise, navy
- 51% 
brown, beige-
purple, violet-
green, chartreuse-
gold, silver, bronze-
Click here to find out the meaning of each color! 
Xo, Legit <3


What Caroline Wore-- daisies

So today I had to take my senior portraits for next years yearbook, and this is what I wanted to wear, but apparently it's too casual.  (Now, I see that it is, but this morning at 6 a.m. I was pretty happy with it.)  So instead I wore a black shirt and turquoise necklace, it turned out to be okay.  But this is what I plan on wearing for the rest of the day and I'm really enjoying it.  The shirt was gifted to me by my friend Paula from Spain and I recently bought the shorts at H&M for less than $10... speaking of which, the shoes were $10 too!! So basically this whole outfit was under $25 on my part.  SCORE!  Anyways, Im always inspired by daisies, so these shorts are the perfect fit for me, and the shirt just happens to go!  This outfit will be running many errands with me today... I love it!
Xo, Caroline


Confessions of a Shopaholic: Thrifted Treasures

I love thrifting.  It's actually quite magical and unbelievably satisfying when you find one of a kind treasures that almost no one else have.  Ever.  I spent the entire weekend with my foreign exchange student, Paula, and another student, Ana (Spain), and my sister, Rachel.  Our other student, Michaela was on a trip to San Francisco so she did not get to join us on our excursion.  Anyways-- We found some pretty LEGIT things to add to our closets.  Let me list a couple... American Apparel one piece, Levi hi-waisted shorts ($12!!), denim vest, my homecoming dress for next year, moccasin boots, and well... you can see the rest in the photographs above.  Everything in the pictures are from thrift stores we shopped at this weekend.  We SCORED!  I want to tell you so badly what stores I found all these things at but one of the unwritten rules of a thrifter is that you can't tell anyone where you shop.  Ahh, just look at the pictures... they can describe everything better than I am able to.

Xo, Caroline


Scarves How To, I LOVE

I know its not really scarf season, but so what... I've been sporting scarves in all these ways all summer.  Check it out... Try it out... You're gonna love it!!
Xo, Legit

Source: Free People



Camazing Designs: Now Available-- Posies in May!

Theses are a few pics from the photo shoot for my newest addition to the Camazing Designs family.  The line is called Posies in May, and its an accessory line of floral little goodies including hair pins, broaches, earrings, and bobby pins!!  Necklaces and two types of head bands will be coming soon to the store, so you should be pretty excited because I am stoked!  Everything has been handmade by me so I guarantee you that they were made with love! Check out my Etsy Shop and let me know what you think!!  
Xo, Caroline


Party in the USA-- Katie

Soooo this is my photo journey of my 4th of July.  I spent the day with my feet in the water, first with family then at Dana Point, CA with more family.  We had a huge water fight and paddle boarded.  I love the 4th of July sooo much!! 
XO, Katie

***All photos belong to me!

Party in the USA-- Caroline

You've just experienced the photo journal of my Independence Day celebration.  If you couldn't tell it started out with a weekend beach trip to my home in Ventura, CA, then concluded with an evening at a local carnival.  The people photographed are my two foreign exchange students, Michaela (Sweden) and Paula (Spain), Rachel (sister/photog), the lovely Monica, miss Laura and her Spanish student, Sofia.  Basically, I couldn't have asked for a better 4th of July... My favorite holiday by far.  I love America.
Xo, Caroline

**All photos belong to me.