me me me

**warning this post is just some self promotion, but a little of that every once in a while ain't a bad thing!!**

if you're like me and kind of addicted to social media {both a blessing and a curse in my book} i would be totally flattered if you'd check out me on other social media platforms!  my favorite, of course, is instagram but you can also find me on sites like facebook, twitter and tumblr!  

>>at my instagram you'll find lots of pictures of crazy adventures and flowers {i mean a lot of flowers}
>>on twitter you'll be able to stay updated when i post new things on this blog and that's pretty cool!
>>facebook is where you'll be able to conveniently click on links to new posts and inspirational things i find on the web including and not limited to other articles, recipes and fun photos!
>>tumblr is my collection of photographs, words and other things that truely inspire my artwork and aesthetic.... somethings are very artistic while others lean to the personal side

i hope that you find yourself scrolling through my feeds and staying updated with my creative process called life!


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RD Robertson said...

What a pretty looking you are! I am happy to see you here. I like this kinds of tops.