shoe obsessed

••Hey babes•• 
So lately I've been really obsessed with shoes... and you are all probably like "well Caroline, duh every girl is obsessed with shoes!"  Okay well I just would like to let everyone know that for many, many years I was the girl who just did not care about shoes!  Crazy.... craaaazy!!  I would go in and out of phases of loving a pair of shoes that I would wear with everything, but now I have officially decided that I just have a plain ol' love for shoes of all kinds.  I would wear a different pair of shoes with every different oufit if I had the money in my pocket.... I think my favorite styles right now are kitten heals, beaded/embellished heels or sandals and just woven sandals.  

What shoes are you loving for Spring/Summer?  Comment below!

Also.... lately I've been obsessed with Pinterest 

xoxo, Caroline

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Me - said...

Love the third set of sandals. Really want a pair but always have trouble with my size :( Lovely post.