what i've been up to

hi all!!  i've been up to a lot lately and i don't want you to miss out!  a new quarter of school just started and i can already tell that my life is going to be consumed with projects.  i am super excited though especially since this term i am taking some pretty great courses!  for my major i am taking a digital presentation class where i'll be learning more about computer programs, branding and great presentation techniques.  for my minor i am taking a draping and pattern making class which i am sure will kick my butt!  in less than a week we've already learned how to drape a basic bodice which is like insane to me!  i am so excited to see the work i will have at the end of this quarter and i'm even more excited to share it with all of you!!

before this quarter goes ahead full swing i wanted to let you all know that you can keep up with my work on my behance page.  there you'll find all work i've done recently including school projects, commissioned projects and self-done work.  i will be updating my behance as frequently as i have work done and ready to present so don't forget to check back regularly!

here is a sneak peak at my most recent project up on my page!!

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