Just for Fun!

So, today while Katie was at Disneyland with some friends of ours while I was forced to stay home because its my dad's birthday, I decided to do a little something for the blog.  Our BFF, Zosha, a model for the blog, came over and we played makeover.  Then, the thought popped into my head that this was the perfect chance to show all you what a great way to wear your make up, day or night.  Here are a few of the pics we took:

I know that there are only a few, but you get the idea.  The colored picture was what I like to do for day time because its natural looking and makes your eyes sparkle.  The sepia picture is more of a look for night time.  Yes, its fairly simple but its perfect for spring: not too heavy.  The eye liner gives Zosh a little sassafrass ;)  Okay, so the last picture is just us messing around, but as you can see... our make up is pretty much the same! So, anyways... try out either of these looks for day or night, doesn't matter.  I'll be posting a video either tonight or tomorrow on how to do it.  Sorry that its not like UBBER creative, but its simple and its legit.

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