Winter 2011 Poll Results!

Hey Readers!  Thank you SO much for voting in the last poll! Your feedback was so great that we wanted to share it with you, so here it is!

Pea Coats - 40%
Uggs! - 22%
Sweaters - 13%
Fashion Forward Scarves - 22%
       Wow, you all have great style because pea coats were honestly, the most fashion forward way to go this past season.  They come in so many styles that theres one out there for anyone and can represent individual style while being warm and comfy at the same time.  They're great because they can we worn to class or to a party.
      Uggs, classics.  Often referred to be UGGly but we beg to differ.  Yes, they are very unusual, but they're warm and are great paired with jeans and your pea coat ;)  They've been perfect for all those cold, rainy days we've had over the past couple of months.
     Who doesn't love wearing sweaters?  I mean, they're sooo unbelievably comfortable and they totally make the IDGAF, frumpy look super cute.  They're perfect cause they're really warm and they are just plain ol' adorable.  Great go to piece, sweater wearers!
     WE LOVE SCARVES!  They're so freaking adorable!  A good scarf can honestly make an outfit complete and they are pretty handy-dandy when wanting to keep your neck warm.  Que fabulosa!

Thanks for the feedback, xoxo,
Katie and Caroline <3

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