Rainy May Days.. UGH!!

So if you're like me and living in SoCal, you're probably hating the rain like now.  Don't get me wrong, rain is great... but not in May!!! Its almost summer, it should be sunny and warm!!  And, again, if you're like me, you've probably already put away all your winter clothes or just boughten a fresh batch of Spring/Summertime clothes.  Today, the rain is such a dilemma and it most likely will be tomorrow or some other day this week.  (If you don't live in SoCal and are experiencing a rainy season, this should be pretty relevant, but if you're not in our situation, I'm sure you have rainy days where you live so listen up!)  Below a picture of an outfit I put together thats Spring appropriate as well as rain appropriate... They involve some Wellies, an animal print scarf, a frumpy cardigan and a classic grey tee!  Check it out!!
Stay warm, drink lots of hot cocoa, and stay legit!
Xo, Caroline

Legit Fashion

Find these pieces at--
Knit cardigan
$118 - anthropologie.com

American Vintage slim tee
65 EUR - stylebop.com

Wood Wood vintage jeans
$165 - urbanoutfitters.com

Hunter rubber boot
$125 - nordstrom.com

Michael Kors leather tote
295 GBP - comparestoreprices.co.uk

Pearl bracelet

Tilo leopard print scarve
$140 - shopbop.com

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