2011 Spring Poll Results!
We're going to keep this short and sweet.  In the last Legit Poll we asked all of you which celebrity inspires your wardrobe the most, and this is what ya'll said:
Taylor Swift 54%
Lauren Conrad 36%
The Olsen Twins 31%
Kate Moss 22%
Katy Perry 22%
Wow! More than half of you are inspired by Taylor Swift... She is such a style icon for this decade in her sweet and girly style!  As much as we love TSwizzle, don't forget to look into the styles of all the others listed above.  They all contribute to the fashion world in their own ways.    :)

Legit Totes
So a LOT of people have been asking us about about the tote bags and we have some great news!  We've picked the designs but we're keeping them a secret so you'll just have to wait and be surprised!!  The date for when they'll actually be available for sale will be announced in the near future so keep checking back for updates!!

Questions, comments, Twitter!
1) We love hearing from all of you so keep sending us emails about everything and anything that has to do with Legit, fashion, us, style, etc!  We're all ears and are flattered with the amount of feedback from ya'll!!
2) At the bottom of each post, theres a little thing you can select and write comments!  OMG we'd love that if you have time and have an opinion about what we posted if you'd just leave a little somethin' somethin' so we can know what you're liking/not liking... but don't be too mean, meanness is mean!
3) Tweet tweet!  Don't forget that you can follow us on Twitter!  We try to update as much as possible and it's where you can find a little bit more about our personal lives... if you're interested of course...

Xo, Legit :)
it's an entrance to a house, thought it was relevant...

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