Halloween is such a love/hate holiday for me.  I hate it because it's stupid... like why is it a holiday?  I don't understand... but I love it because its like an opportunity to dress up like whatever you want!  I love it.  Above are some pics from Halloween.  Obviously, I rocked a fox head at one point during Halloweek because I was "foxy".  Then in the second picture you see me and my roommate Victoria dressed up as the "SCAD bowling team" on actual Halloween! There isn't really a SCAD bowling team, but we found these super rad bowling shirts at a local thrift store that totally look like they should've been for a SCAD team.... We definitely are the cutest roommates ever!

Thankful the holiday is over though! XO,

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Nava said...

Happy halloween for you! ^_^ I dressed up as Korean singer this time. But the real challenge was that I should dress-up as a gentleman O.o I enjoyed it tho! :D


Clara Turbay said...

Fine and delicate details of style!