breakfast in bed

So, if you're like me and being all super grown up and have to wake up for 8AM classes every other day or have a full time job you have to go to or just like to be up early before the sun begins to shine in the morning, I have a scrumptious little breakfast treat thats quick and easy that you'll absolutely love!  Since I am currently living on campus, I have a meal plan... but after so many bagel breakfast sandwiches from our in-dorm coffee shop and being too lazy to wake up early and take the trek to the dining hall, I have discovered my little way to make the most of my resources!
With every bagel I "purchase" from the coffee shop I get the option of three sides: chips, yogurts, fresh fruit or cookies.  To stay healthy, I steer clear of the chips n' cookies, but always (and I mean always) grab multiple yogurts and bananas!  Yeah... if you're catching my drift: FREE YOGURT AND BANANAS!  (Not really, but sort of.)
Literally my fridge is filled with yogurt, so I decided I'd get a little fancy and start making my own breakfasts.  And this is what I came up with!  (Oh and roasted coconut and oats granola is a must!)

I always drink with a cup of green tea!

This is the perfect treat to enjoy while sitting in the bed and catching up on all my daily fashion blog reads!

Calorie Count:

1 blueberry Activia yogurt - 110 calories
1/3 cup KIND oats & honey clusters w/ toasted coconut granola - 130 calories
1/3 banana - 35 calories
 GRAND TOTAL: 275 calories

and this guy keeps you full till linner! (lunch/dinner)

Bon Appetite!
Happy Friday everyone!!

Lots of love,

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