artsy fartsy inspiration

While enjoying some delicious sushi and strawberry-watermelon juice for lunch today, I was reading the Free People blog BLDG 25 (as always) and I clicked on a post about an artist who hand-painted festival chairs for their online festival shop.  Her name is Meera Lee Patel, and I'm obsessed with her work as of right now!  They posted some art by her work along with her chairs and o-m-g, its perfection.  So whimsical and happy.  When I actually have money I think I'm going to buy a print of hers from her >>Esty shop<< for my apartment!

What do y'all think of her work?!  
Also, check out her website >>here<<

Xx, Car

**fyi, the triangle background + name are not part of her work**

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