summer // fall inspiration

With Fall just around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about the always-awkward transition from one season to another... Especially when it comes to style and all that jazz.  I've selected some photos from my tumblr-- aka my online mood board-- that kind of sum up what I want my style to be like when Fall comes around and the transitional period into it!  

Right now I am really, really obsessing over the color white.  The color itself is so pure and simple, and that is something I want to radiate.  From a white dress to a touch of white in my accessories, this is definitely a Summer trend I will be transitioning into Fall.

Again, with color palate, pastel earth-tones are my favorite right now.  Faint pinks and other colors from flowers... beiges and creams... Basically anything light and airy that could be found in nature!  Also, knitwear.... I think that this fall, I will definitely be including a lot more statement knitwear into my style... I just need to find the right pieces!  (Any suggestions?)

Finally, for the coming school year I want to give off a childlike essence of easiness with my style.  I want it to be playful but very simple.  I love the idea of flowy and oversized dresses that are fun to spin in.  There is so much whimsy in it.

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