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Travel Outfit #5

Travel Outfit #4

Travel Outfit #3

Travel Day #2

Travel Outfit #1

Travel Outfit #1 by legitfashion featuring gold rings

In these looks, I utilized five basic yet fun pieces to create five looks for my trip to spain.  Of course, these are all just inspiration since I don't own all of these pieces, but they are definitely looks I will be replicating during my trip.  As you can tell I am loving the color white as well as neons... and who doesn't love a cute pineapple print!  Pieces on my shopping list for both my trip and the school year include the pineapple skirt from J. Crew (here),  the white sandals from Zara (here) and the white silk cami from H&M (here).

Also, I am obsessed with Forever 21 sunnies because they're basically disposable so it doesn't matter if they break and they're a really great way to add from trend pieces in my looks since I'm keeping my other pieces pretty basic.

Lots of love, happy traveling everyone!
xx, Car

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