birthday wishings

so my 20th birthday is practically one month away which is super cool but also very scary because it means i will be saying goodbye to the beloved teen years and will no longer be able to become a famous teenager.  unless i earn some sort of stardom in the next five weeks, i will never get to have that title.  on the other hand, hopefully this means people will take me super seriously because i will no longer be a teenager but a "real adult" since i will officially be dropping the "teen" aspect of my life.  either way, it'll be my birthday and i have a few things i've been eyeing.  surprisingly enough when i was putting together this post i found it very difficult to decide what i actually wanted.  ultimately i would just love money for traveling but since that's a little too far fetched for my loved ones' caroline-birthday-gift-funds, i've put together a few things that i find super delightful!  

{mom, i hope you see this!!}

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