during this most recent fall quarter i took my first fashion design class and i absolutely love-love-loved every moment of it... i'm now officially minoring in fashion design thanks to this course!

for our final project we had to be inspired by an abstract piece of art and create a full avant garde garment based off of it.  i chose to be inspired by a piece by cy twombly (unfortunately the piece is untitled but you can see it here).  i love cy's work and he has surely become one of my favorite artists.  

i am so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends who helped me more than anything with this final.  my best friends emily, tori, jojo and victoria helped me so much.  emily was my beautiful model, tori photographed my garment to make it look better than it actually looks, jojo was a fabulous assistant during the shoot and victoria was always there for me for support and constructive criticism!!

check out my talented friends>>
Tori Mercedes Photography
Designs by Emily Oot
Jojo Boling Fashion
Victoria Strong - Style Guru

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