always a wishlist // never a shopping list

1 // Zara
2 // Zara
4 // Zara 
5 // Zara
7 // Asos 

click through to read about my pathetic confession about my need to go shopping.... (i'm rolling my eyes too)

lately the biggest issue in life has been the most superficial and materialistic... the unability to go shopping.  a lot of you are probably rolling your eyes right now and thinking about how pathetic i am, but trust me, i'm right there with you.  but then on the other hand i know there are at least a few of you but are right there in the same boat as me.  college is a tricky time when you're a fashion student who may or may not spend too many mornings drinking coffee at her favorite bakery instead of saving her pennies for important things.... like shoes.

i have to admit when i was wandering shops downtown with my two roommmates that i did call my mom to complain that i was getting physically upset i couldn't just buy whatever i wanted.  of course she sympathized (but what mother of a fashion student wouldn't?) but then she talked me out of my misery.  i like to joke that i'm a recovering shopaholic because when i was in high school i shopped.... a lot.  but now in college my budget is much tighter and i can't just get a new pair of shoes so my life has resorted to online shopping.  Zara and Asos, my biggest vices, take up way too much of my browser history.  Pinterest doesn't help either... I even started a new board called caroline wants these.

i know this is all quite pathetic but the first step is admitting the problem!  but the next step is showing all you lovely souls what i'm dying over at the moment and want desperately in my closet.  Also I shared links so you can shop these things yourself or buy and send them to me!! XO

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