Modern Elegance

are you feeling lace-y today?

...is your wardobe lace-tastic? if not, it should be!!  we've got a feeling that lace is going to be big this year, and we're serious.  both of us have been seeing it everywhere... it's crazy, but we love it!  lace is so classy and timeless.  it can fit into so many differeny catagories of clothing and mixes pretty well with any style.  if you're the kind of girl who loves to rock her leather jacket, lace is a for sure must-have for you!  but on the flip-side and you're the girl who loves dresses and fun cardigans then lace should already be your bestfriend.  it matches with almost anything and look good on almost anyone.  its like you're wearing your accessory.. you don't realllllly need to add much to your outfit when wearing lace.  it pretty much speaks for itself.  so be daring and don't worry... you wont look like your wearing one of your grandma's doilies, you'll look super cute! :)

as you can see in the pictures throughout this post we're each wearing lace very similarly yet different.  elizabeth is wearing a long sleeved lace peasant blouse tucked into some out cut-off jeans. she added her own personal style by accessorizing with a brightly colored head band.  her crisp and clean white lace top contrasts perfectly with her dark brown hair creating an outfit that is both comfy and fashionable.  on the other hand, caroline is modeling a simple yet lovely off-the-shoulder lace shirt with a lightly faded pair of jeans.  she threw on a fedora to give her look the final edge it needed.  finally, katie is rocking a ribed, cap-sleeved lace blouse.  she paired this sweet, flirty top with a more sporty skirt to make her look interchangeable from day to evening.  by volumizing and curlings her hair katie creates a look that has enough personallity to speak for itself! so what lace-y style are you? casual, edgy, or flirty?

Modern Elegance
Photos taken by: Rachel Artime
Models: Elizabeth Walters, Caroline Artime and Katie Szabados
style: casual, edgy, flirty, vintage, elegant

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