WANTED: black, sequins, hair

you can't go wrong with a little black dress, like seriously... it's fashion perfection.  black always, and we mean always looks good on everyone and you can accesorize it with almost anything to make the look your own.  a little black dress can mean anything... casual, formal, classic, boho, retro, etc.  it's always in style and will never ever, ever go out of style. it's pretty much the only piece of clothing that is truely timeless.  it can examplify one's style so well it's not even funny. you may think is blah or boring but a black dress can speak a thousand words. 
oh, and another thing... we are kind of obsessed with sequins and sparkles so we think you should too!  they make a great, great, great combonation with black.  it makes it a little happier and even more fashion forward.  you're probably thinking "no, i can't wear all the glitter, it's too much" but, really... it's not.  we encourage it! :)

photos taken by: Rachel Artime
models: Elizabeth Walters, Katie Szabados and Caroline Artime
style: timeless, classic, edgy, vintage, grunge

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