The Royal Wedding!

So, I am assuming that the majority of the people of the world watched Prince William married common girl, Kate Middleton, this morning in West Minister Abby.  Honestly, it is one of the most beautifully decorated cathedrals I've ever seen and did anyone notice it's the shape of a cross? One word about that: legit.  (Crosses are very trendy... wonder if they were thinking about that when they were planning the whole shindig?)  Another thing that I could not get over were the hats!  To be real, the actual clothing that the guests wore were not that amazing.  Sure, they were probably world renounced designers and are worth quite a bit of money (much more than we'd every be able to afford) but they were sure no comparison to the hats that each outfit accompanied.  The one that I liked the most was Beatrice's.  She was TOTALLY pulling a Gaga, as if it weren't any more obvious with the make-up and the (what I like to call lobster claw) bow.  Long story short: the hats were the highlights of the wedding for me... Oh and I'm sorta kind in love with Kate's dress.

Kate Middleton is compared to Grace Kelly

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