Main Street, Ventura

Happy Spring Break for all those who are out of school this week.  We just got back from a weekend in Ventura.  Let's just say that our hair is a lot blonder and our skin is a tad darker than it was when we first left! One of our favorite things about being in Ventura is Main Street.  Its so eclectic with all the boutiques, restaurants, and thrift stores.  We found some great pieces to add to our closets including jean overalls, a short-sleeved white button down crop top, and pink eyeleted corset top to Katie's closet and a romper, high-waisted denim shorts, denim corset top, Free People graphic tee, Native American inspired crop top, red cut out flats, and a blue and white floral shirt to Caroline's.  Neither of us ended up spending more than about $60, which if you ask us is a GREAT deal.  Right now we're wishing that we had taken our own pictures of how cute the downtown area is, but sadly we just thought of that right now so the one below is one we found online.  If you're ever in Ventura or passing through we highly recommend checking the area out, there are so many places to go and see, but remember to wear a sweater 'cause it can be pretty chilly!
Xo, Legit

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