Romantically Different

Okay, so ignore the awkward title.  This post has nothing to do with anything romantic other than clothes.  Just in case you were wondering what we wear out on the town here's your answer! Even though we don't necessarily own the clothes below, this is an idea of what we wear when we're out shopping, sight-seeing, adventuring, etc.  Caroline rocks a more of a romantic, boho look while Katie rocks a more romantic, put together look.  Similar but different in so many ways.  Which style are you?  Are you a Katie or a Caroline?  Okay, there isn't much more we can say here... the pictures kind of speak for themselves. 
Xo, Legit

P.S. All of these looks can be found at www.forever21.com and are all pieces are less than $30.00! What a great deal!  Or should we say.... what a legit deal!

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