Confessions of a Shopaholic: Thrifted Treasures

I love thrifting.  It's actually quite magical and unbelievably satisfying when you find one of a kind treasures that almost no one else have.  Ever.  I spent the entire weekend with my foreign exchange student, Paula, and another student, Ana (Spain), and my sister, Rachel.  Our other student, Michaela was on a trip to San Francisco so she did not get to join us on our excursion.  Anyways-- We found some pretty LEGIT things to add to our closets.  Let me list a couple... American Apparel one piece, Levi hi-waisted shorts ($12!!), denim vest, my homecoming dress for next year, moccasin boots, and well... you can see the rest in the photographs above.  Everything in the pictures are from thrift stores we shopped at this weekend.  We SCORED!  I want to tell you so badly what stores I found all these things at but one of the unwritten rules of a thrifter is that you can't tell anyone where you shop.  Ahh, just look at the pictures... they can describe everything better than I am able to.

Xo, Caroline

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