Summer Poll Results

So we know that you were totally waiting for this post for like ever, so now you can be really excited because its SUMMER POLL RESULTS TIME!!! oh yeah!  So we asked all of you what colors you wear the most, and I'm sure some of you knew exactly what you were going to say, but most likely most of you didn't.  What color you wear the most can say a lot about your personality, and that's what we love so much about fashion-- its ability to reflect your insides on the outside!  Below we're gonna post the results from the poll, and if you want to find out what wearing each color mean, we're going to be posting a link too! 

red, pink, coral-
orange, yellow-
white, black, grey-
blue, turquoise, navy
- 51% 
brown, beige-
purple, violet-
green, chartreuse-
gold, silver, bronze-
Click here to find out the meaning of each color! 
Xo, Legit <3

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