What Caroline Wore-- daisies

So today I had to take my senior portraits for next years yearbook, and this is what I wanted to wear, but apparently it's too casual.  (Now, I see that it is, but this morning at 6 a.m. I was pretty happy with it.)  So instead I wore a black shirt and turquoise necklace, it turned out to be okay.  But this is what I plan on wearing for the rest of the day and I'm really enjoying it.  The shirt was gifted to me by my friend Paula from Spain and I recently bought the shorts at H&M for less than $10... speaking of which, the shoes were $10 too!! So basically this whole outfit was under $25 on my part.  SCORE!  Anyways, Im always inspired by daisies, so these shorts are the perfect fit for me, and the shirt just happens to go!  This outfit will be running many errands with me today... I love it!
Xo, Caroline

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Kassie said...

Those shorts are great! I wish they had a H&M near me!