NG May Look-and-Love-Book

Okay, so for reals though.  I am in love with the latest look book from Nasty Gal.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Nasty Gal is my all time favorite online shop.  Every piece of clothing and accessory sold on the site is my style exactly.  I am really loving the bright, practically neon colors their using this season.  In the post below I mentioned my pretty neutral wardrobe which is true, but I'm also a sucker for bright colors.  I just tend to wear them in moderation!  
Seriously, though... look at everything above.  Its all so cute!  I'm loving all the hardcore studs and girl floral combo.  Like I'm loving fashion right now. Especially Nasty Gal!  Check it out!
Xo, Caroline

**You can find a link to Nasty Gal by clicking on the SHOPSLOVE tab!**

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