facebook vs ebay

I don't know if this is a universal trend or if its just something that people at my school have become smart enough to do, but over the last couple of months people have been selling things on Facebook like no other!  When people first started doing it, it wasn't really popular and I think everyone was pretty skeptical about the whole thing.  After a while almost everyone was selling their clothes, accessories or even ipods.  People would make funny comments about the whole thing, making fun of it and saying its stupid and that people should stop, but I totally disagree.  I think this idea is genius!  Speaking from my own experience, its way easier than Ebay and its kind of nice knowing your clothes are going to people you know.  Its a quick and easy way of getting rid of clothing that isn't really your style anymore and the clothes you still wonder why you ever purchased it.  Its also a great way to be motivated to clean out your closet because it means your going to get some cash!  
Selling your clothes, or even just giving away in general, is also a great technique to help you define your personal style.  Going through your closet and sorting out clothes to keep and sell (and sometimes trash!) is a great process to find what clothing you should and shouldn't purchase in the future. Its also a really funny experience because you get to see how much your fashion senses have progressed.  For me, I'm actually quite embarrassed to say that the majority of the clothing I've been selling on clothes are from pretty generic stores that  you find in almost every mall.  I was such a shame to the world of fashion... but because I sorted it out, now I know that my personal style is much more sassy and eclectic.  

I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!
Xo, Caroline

**Unfortunately the clothing pictured above is not for sale via Legit Fashion and is only available for sale to my Facebook friends.  Unless I know you personally I will not add you on Facebook so that you can purchase these clothing.  Later in the summer I plan on adding a vintage/thrift store finds shop to my blog and you will be able to purchase clothing from me then.  But for now that option in unavailable because I do not have the time to package and ship items since I am still in school!**

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