life shmife

Since I haven't done a personal post in a while, I thought I would just fill you in on what's going on in my life!  These are just a couple pictures from all the mayhem that's going on.  (Top row; right to left) The first picture is of me and one of my besties, Monica, window-painting our friend's car after seeing a play he directed (he's a hunk!).  Next is a picture of me and some of my really close friends at a photo shoot for the invitation for our graduation party!  (Middle row; right to left) My sister, bestie Austin and myself at school all dressed up for America Monday during Prom Spirit Week!  I'm definitely a huge red, white and blue fan so it was my favorite day of the week!  The other picture is of me and Katie at the Nordstrom Cafe in Santa Monica... we had the best chocolate banana creme brulee! (Third row; right to left) Me and a close family friend, Becky, trying on matching shirts at Anthropologie while shopping with our mommies! They've been best friends since kindergarden... CRAZY!  Oh and doesn't Becky remind you a little bit of Kim Kardashian?!  The final picture is of me and a whole bunch of my friends going to a surprise costume party for our friend Courtney!  We got really into it!
I hope you all have been having as much fun as I am these past couple weeks!  Have any of you been up to anything cool?! Let me know in the comments!

Xo, Caroline

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